Who is rapper Jay Electronica?

Jay Electronica is the greatest rapper you’ve never heard of. If you have heard the name, then it’s likely that you haven’t heard enough of him and not because you haven’t been listening, but because his releases have been sparse and his live appearances elusive. Adjectives to describe his rapping abilities: sophisticated, explosive and otherworldly. Adjectives to describe the man: humble, informed and genuine. Fuse the man and the musician and witness a creative genius.

Fans were privileged enough to be fed by Electronica Sunday when a finalized version of a track called “Dear Moleskine” was released online. The track originally appeared on Electronica’s YouTube page in 2009 and it seems that this version will be included on his next release.

Timothy Elpadaro Thedford hails from the Magnolia Projects of New Orleans, Louisiana where his musical inclinations were first inspired by marching bands. He has been rapping since age 10 (he is now 35), something he believes makes him either delusional or really good. That’s his humility talking because he’s ridiculously good.

Electronica first came to attention in 2007 when he released a nine-minute song built by looping Jon Brion’s movie soundtrack to Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind called Eternal Sunshine: The Pledge.

After a string of releases, Electronica was thrust back into the public eye with a Just Blaze produced track called “Exhibit C”. Other notable releases from Electronica include collaboration with English band The Bullitts for a short film/song called “Run and Hide”.

A short commercial for New Balance featuring Electronica appeared online in early February, suggesting his emergence from seclusion and stoking rumors of his soon to be released album via Jay-Z’s label imprint Roc Nation. Then in early March, Electronica announced that his debut album Act 2: Patents of Nobility (The Turn) had been finished. It seems now that it is only a matter of time before the world gets familiar with the supernatural talent of Electronica.