Crocker Business Library to extend hours for finals

USC Libraries has announced Crocker Business Library, located in Hoffman Hall, will be open with extended hours for finals this semester because of students’ increased use of the library.

USC Libraries tracks the number of students visiting libraries each semester. These numbers are used to decide which libraries would be most advantageous to have extended hours.

Hugh McHarg, associate dean of planning and communications for USC Libraries, said this decision aims to meet students’ needs.

“We get a lot of students asking where else they can study because Leavey is too crowded,” McHarg said. “We want to look at areas where we can serve more people with study space most efficiently.”

The reason Crocker Library has not been open with extended hours in the past is because of the difficulty in keeping libraries that are located within specific departments open, McHarg said.

“Not all libraries stand alone,” he said. “We have to make special arrangements with other departments and units responsible for that subject area. The Marshall School of Business is contributing by providing extra security so the building and library can be open longer for students.”

The USC Libraries’ decision to keep Crocker Library open longer during finals is part of their 2011-2013 Essential Library Strategic Plan, which aims to enhance the libraries’ key services for students.

“The plan focuses on providing intellectual and physical environments for students, [increasing] the amount of study space available, as well as the maximum number of hours these spaces are open,” McHarg said.

Students in Marshall said they are thankful USC Libraries has acknowledged the need to have the Crocker Library open longer because it will provide business students with a valuable place to study.

“I definitely intend to use the library during finals,” said Leinate Abulaiti, a junior majoring in business administration. “If you’re studying for a business-related class, then immersing yourself in a business-related environment may provide you with different input and perspectives.”

Kathryn Haugen, a junior majoring in business administration, said Crocker Library is convenient for group studying as well.

“It’s useful for business students mainly because much of our work involves group projects and so it’s nice to have the library open later, especially at the end of year,” Haugen said. “It will be very convenient for study groups to have access to the private study rooms in Crocker because many times, rooms in Leavey are overbooked.”

Haugen said she was happy USC Libraries is responding to students’ needs.

“It shows that the libraries really care about the students,” Haugen said. “I know that a ton of business students have been asking for this, and it’s great to have the libraries respond and hear what students are saying.”