Darren Aronofsky shopping George Washington film

Paramount Pictures is currently in negotiations with Protozoa Pictures on The General, a film regarding the life of George Washington, for which Darren Aronofsky will serve as producer and director.

Paramount Pictures currently has a first-look deal with the production company. If the studio can’t reach a deal, however, other studios will have the opportunity to jump in.

The screenplay for the film is written by Adam Cooper and Bill Collage. Variety reports that the film is “more of an Unforgiven-like tale rather than a straight historical drama.” The film could possibly be an examination of the first president’s life during his time as a General during the American Revolution.

Aronofsky is known for navigating between diverse genres, but it’s gotten to the point that any project that has his name attached sounds intriguing.

The filmmaker is coming off his success of Black Swan, which grossed $329 million and scored him an Oscar nomination for Best Director.

The filmmaker is currently preparing his passion project, Noah, which stars Russell Crowe. The project has long been on the director’s mind, and after the critical and commercial success of Black Swan, production on the film has finally come together. Noah has a budget in the range of $150 million. That’s quite an increase from his previous film, which had a reported budget of $13 million. It’s clear, however, that he is now thinking ahead, onto projects of a bigger scale where he can employ his artistic vision.

The release date for Noah was recently announced as March 28, 2014.