Nacosta to release new EP

Los Angeles natives, Nacosta is gearing up to release its second EP, “Liquor Eyes.”

Ever since the band’s fall release of its debut EP, “Wilderness City,” Nacosta has made its mark in Los Angeles, Hollywood and even at the SXSW music festival by performing at a multitude of venues in the area.

While the band stayed busy booking gigs, Nacosta spent a great deal of time at White Rose Studio, where it recorded its new three-track EP.

“We are very excited to share them,” said vocalist Brandon Graham.

“Liquor Eyes” begins with “Secret Destroyer” and a bass solo that sets the perfect psychedelic tone the band strives for. At one point, there is a cool moment in the chorus that is reflective of Muse’s music and drawn out vocals.

The guitar parts in every track create an enticing vibe that reflects the times of the 1960s and 1970s.

Nacosta’s influences, Nick Drake and Sonic Youth, are definitely prevalent in its music, but the new EP still has an organic and fresh appeal.

The title track, “Liquor Eyes,” is a beautiful song filled with several layers and textures created by the plinking of a guitar and lightness of a keyboard.

The EP ends with a track that is obviously different from the rest. “Coldwater Canyon” plays around with a more soulful groove. The band blended its ambient folk rock roots with a more modern sound.

“Liquor Eyes” will be available on Bandcamp, Soundcloud and Facebook on May 1 for free.