Vintage fashion offers students many options

Vintage is unstoppable. From daily life to the red carpet this trend is dominating the scenes. It’s everywhere: high-wasted shorts, sunglasses, sweaters with logos and floor length dresses. Vintage differentiates itself from other trends, however, as it is a skill to find it and wear it well.

For a more hands on approach, spend some time visiting markets — a fantastic way to find vintage. While searching through mounds of unique articles, you will be sure to leave with a sense of real satisfaction and achievement. A show-stopping flea market would have to be Melrose Trading Post, which is located in Hollywood. Their vintage clothes and accessories are fantastic and also if you are still decorating your apartment, their vintage furniture is super affordable and unique.

This is all very time consuming, however, and due to our busy schedules here are a few short cuts.

Wasteland, a one of a kind store in Los Angeles, Santa Monica and San Francisco, should be your first stop. From vintage Chanel to modern designers such as Prada and Alexander McQueen, Wasteland will not fail to delight you.

Urban Outfitters is also a great place to find vintage clothing. Their vintage collection includes Esprit leather backpacks to LA Gear windbreakers with even a little bit of YSL mixed in. Not all their clothing is true vintage and in turn much more affordable, so I guess you could say it’s our dirty little cheat spot.

We all know that wearing the same outfit as another at a party is never a pleasant experience, and one of the many blessings of vintage is that will never happen. So with all this in mind, go out there and find the vintage. Looking different is always the most intriguing option.