Student orgs issue statements

The Undergraduate Student Government, Program Board and Black Student Assembly issued statements in response to the shooting that took place on campus on Halloween.

At least seven gunshots were fired at approximately 11:45 p.m. on Wednesday when one suspect engaged in a physical confrontation with former Crenshaw High School football star Geno Hall. Hall sustained at least seven gunshot wounds to his left thigh, back of his leg, buttocks and arm, according to the Los Angeles Times. Three other victims were also wounded and transported to California Hospital Medical Center, but are expected to make a full recovery.

Officers identified the shooter and another man fleeing the scene with him and pursued the suspects to Parking Lot 6, where they detained both men and recovered a handgun. Los Angeles Police Department officers arrested one of the men at the scene, the department confirmed Friday.

The Los Angeles Times reported the arrested suspect’s identity as 19-year-old Brandon Spencer, a security guard from Inglewood, and said he has been arrested on suspicion of attempted murder.

The shooting occurred outside of “Freak or Greek,” an on-campus Halloween party held in the Ronald Tutor Campus Center ballroom. The party, which was heavily promoted by event organizer LA Hype on social media, drew a crowd of about 400 USC students and other college students. More than 100 people were waiting in line to enter the party at the time of the shooting.

Scheduling paperwork for the event was filed under the Black Student Assembly’s name, Undergraduate Student Government President Mikey Geragos told the Daily Trojan. BSA  is an organization that falls under Program Board, which is USG oversees.

Geragos also said that internal Program Board paperwork was filed under BSA’s name.

Program Board Executive Director Juan Espinoza, BSA Executive Director Lamar Gary and Geragos released a letter to the editor of Daily Trojan on Sunday in response to the shooting. The full text of the letter can be found on the Daily Trojan website.

“The intent of the event was to create a safe, secure, and alcohol-free environment on campus for students on the night of Halloween,” the letter said. “We did not foresee the tragedy that would transpire.”

The shooting also prompted BSA to ban social events for the remainder of the semester.

“In moving forward, the Black Student Assembly has decided to suspend hosting parties and other socially driven events for the remainder of the semester,” the letter said.

The letter also said that Program Board will place greater review on approving co-sponsorship of events.

“Program Board will also increase the scrutiny placed on outside organizations during the review process of co-sponsorship,” the letter said. “Our efforts are first and foremost to serve the USC student body, while at the same time fostering an inclusive community in adherence to the USC strategic vision.”

USG and BSA also released statements about the shooting Friday afternoon. Both groups expressed their condolences for the victims who were injured in the confrontation, as well as their desire to prevent another shooting from happening in the future.

In USG’s statement, Geragos expressed his condolences to the four victims who were injured in the shooting that occurred outside the “Freak or Greek” party.

“It is truly disturbing that the shooting happened during one of our assembly’s campus events, but we are working with our university leadership in taking immediate action to develop additional measures for campus safety and security,” Geragos said in the statement.

In BSA’s statement, Gary said he hopes the incident will not reflect poorly on BSA.

“We are currently working in conjunction with the administration to address any concerns that might have arisen,” Gary said. “This incident is not a reflection of the Black Student Assembly. We have gone to great lengths this year to direct our attention towards cultural awareness and mentorship.”