World Nutella day recipes

Nutella Crepes 

 Paris, je t’aime. A common, recurring symptom for those who have ever traveled to Paris is an intense longing for everything Parisian, from the sights to the fashion to the food. The street food of choice, or possibly a tourist’s entire diet, are crepes. The Nutella crepes with strawberries are the best crepes in all of Paris. If you can’t hop on a plane and fly to France, then the recipe below will satisfy the cravings for these delectable treats. Feel free to don a beret and chant all the French you know while cooking. How else to quell the nostalgia for the Eiffel Tower, the Champs-Élysées and the Louvre? Bon appétit!


-1 cup flour (sifted)

-2 eggs

-1 cup milk

-1/4 tsp salt

-2 tablespoons butter (melted)

-1 stick of butter

-1 teaspoon sugar

-1 teaspoon vanilla

-Nutella to spread

-Sliced strawberries (optional)


In a large bowl, mix the dry ingredients of flour, salt and sugar together. In a separate bowl, whisk eggs and add the melted butter and milk. Add wet ingredients to dry ingredients and mix thoroughly. Add the vanilla to the batter.

Using the stick of butter, lightly grease a small- to medium-sized non-stick pan and heat over medium to high heat. Once hot, fill a ladle with the batter and pour into the pan. Quickly pick up the pan and tilt in a circular motion until the batter covers the entire bottom of the pan. Once the edges of the crepe turn up slightly and the bottom is light brown, flip the crepe over with a spatula and let cook for another minute or so. Repeat for the remaining batter.

Once a crepe is cooked, slide it out of the pan and place it, darker side down, onto a plate. Spread a generous amount of Nutella onto the center of the crepe and add strawberries, if so desired, fold and enjoy.

Wendy Chuong


Nutella Panini

Though Bacaro is best known for its wine, no trip to the trendy restaurant is complete without dessert — namely the Nutella panino, filled with strawberries, bananas and, of course, Nutella. This decadent sandwich can be made from the comforts of home and can be eaten as a delicious and extremely satisfying snack or an indulgent dessert.


-1 scoop Nutella

-8 to 10 strawberries

-1 bananas

-2 slices white bread

-Powdered sugar (optional)


Slice strawberries and bananas in bite-size pieces.

Take two slices of bread and spread ample amounts of Nutella on each slice. Lay sliced strawberries and bananas on one side of the Nutella-covered slice of bread.

Put bread slices together and put into panini grill for a couple of minutes or until golden brown.

Rebecca Dancer


Nutella Milkshake

Give your favorite hazelnut spread a fruity take with this milkshake recipe. This milkshake is a refreshing alternative to eating Nutella straight from the jar. Just blend, stir and serve.


-1 banana

-1/2 bag of frozen strawberries

-2 tablespoons Nutella

-1 tablespoon peanut butter

-1 vanilla yogurt

-1 cup ice

-1/4 cup orange juice


Combine the banana, frozen strawberries, Nutella, peanut butter, yogurt, ice and orange juice in the blender and blend on chop for 30 seconds.

Then stir the mixture to make sure there are no chunks. Blend again for 30 seconds as needed until the milkshake is as chunky as you like.

Serve in a tall glass.

Sara Clayton


Strawberry Nutella French Toast

This take on French toast is for lazy mornings where all you want to do is give in to those intense sugar cravings. If you’re Jewish, you can use leftover challah bread from Shabbat the night before on Saturday mornings to make for a fluffier toast. It’s really simple, tastes great and saves you a trek to Jacks N Joe!


-Challah bread slices
-2 eggs

-2 tsp sugar

-1 tsp cinnamon

-1/4 cup milk


-Sliced strawberries


Spread the Nutella between two 1/2 inch slices of challah.

Coat the outside of the slices with the French toast mix.

Fry in a non-stick pan like regular French toast. Serve and top with thinly sliced strawberries (and powdered sugar, if you so desire).

Leigh Jacobson