Getting Sensual: Special Online Supplement

In a unique collaboration with Neon Tommy and USC Annenberg School of Journalism and Communication, the Daily Trojan presents Getting Sensual, a special online supplement focused on intriguing artists in Los Angeles whose approaches to the five senses leads to compelling results.

The package was developed in Arts Reporting (Jour 447), an Annenberg led by acclaimed journalist and arts expert Sasha Anawalt, as part of an interview assignment in which students profiled artists in the city. Taste, smell, touch, sight and sound are all represented, with a sixth piece acting as a thematic overview of the five-senses experience.

In Into the Fire: A Taste of Chef Michael Cimarusti, Daily Trojan editor Eddie Kim looks at how Michael Cimarusti, chef and co-owner of acclaimed restaurant Providence, is pursuing the highest standards of dining and how he hopes to continue the success with a new venture, Connie & Ted‘s.

In The Nose Knows, Cal Tabuena-Frolli examines Julia Kouneski, a local performance artist who is pushing the boundaries of public intimacy by tapping into the the sense of smell in challenging new ways.

Dance Dance Revolution: USC’s Sokamba Dance Company, a print and video collaboration between videographer Jenny Sun and writer Laurel Galanter, follows USC student Rissi Zimmerman as she leads Sokamba with cutting-edge choreography and a sense of artistic freedom.

Eyeing the Connection, by Andrea Alonso, tells the story of local artist Mary Sherwood, who finds inspiration in biology — in particular, the eyes. Sherwood’s personal story particularly informs her artistic process, and the end results are both fascinating and intricate.

In The Sound and the FuryFunmi Akinyode sits down with musician Lara Meghan Anderson, whose struggles in the music industry has inspired new developments as well as an explosive EP that melds pop, rock and grunge.

And in Los Angeles: A Jungle of Senses, Bryce Rankin gives a first-person account of traveling through Los Angeles by foot and public transportation, exploring — and celebrating — the city’s kaleidoscope of senses.

The package was designed by Cal Tabuena-Frolli and was translated for web by Annenberg web graphic designer Patricia Lapadula. We hope you enjoy this special look into Los Angeles’ artistic offerings, and please feel free to leave feedback in the comments below.