Shoah forms partnership with Comcast

Comcast and the USC Shoah Foundation have announced a five-year partnership to annually televise the series Days of Remembrance: PastFORWARD for Comcast Xfinity customers, as well as publish it for free online for all Internet users during  a specified annual time period.

“We are honored to partner once again with the Shoah Foundation to bring important films and stories about the Holocaust to millions of people across the nation,” said Charisse R. Lillie, president of the Comcast Foundation, to the Wall Street Journal. “By leveraging our technology and platforms, we are able to help the Institute continue their mission of raising awareness and educating people about overcoming prejudice, intolerance and bigotry.”

Beginning April 8, Comcast will broadcast award-winning films and other features relating to the Holocaust provided by the Shoah Foundation, an organization dedicated to collecting and preserving the testimonies of survivors and other witnesses of the Holocaust. These features will be available at no extra cost through May 25, in accordance with the U.S. National Days of Remembrance (April 27 to May 4), an annual commemoration of the Holocaust.

Every year, the series’ content and theme will be based off of a specific movie related to Holocaust programming. This year’s theme, “The Schindler’s List Legacy Series,” features Spielberg-directed Schindler’s List at the center of the content with a special introduction from the director.

To coincide with the film, documentaries and firsthand accounts of Holocaust survivors and witnesses will be aired, including “Witnesses for the Future: True stories of extraordinary people risking themselves to save others facing genocide” and “The Story of the USC Shoah Foundation: A look at how the USC Shoah Foundation began and its work today.”

In the past, Comcast has broadcast programming related to content regarding human and civil rights. For instance, in 2013, Comcast published “His Dream, Our Stories,” an interactive multimedia video collection to commemorate the 50th Anniversary of the March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom.

“We’re committed to working with national organizations around the country to support the communities we serve,” said Lisa Ferri, manager of corporate communications at Comcast.

Ferri noted that Comcast has given over $3.2 billion in cash and contributions since 2001 to local nonprofit organizations and other charities nationwide.

To view the Holocaust content, Comcast customers can go to their On Demand library, select the “Specials” category and then choose “Days of Remembrance.” To find the content online, visit Comcast’s website at