Trojan Trends – March Week 1

Every week, the Daily Trojan spots fellow USC students and their fashion style around campus.

Photographs by Liliana Sedano and Danny Pan

Phillip Meyer

Phillip Seymour, Class of 2012, IR. “It might just rain today…”

Naomi Menezes

Naomi Menezes “KXSC for the day”

Elizabeth Hutton

Elizabeth Hutton “Easy, breezy, beautiful”


Jonathan Allen Grant

Jonathan Allen Grant: Sophomore, Computer Science, “Writ 150 is tough”.

Ryan Meagher

Ryan Meagher: Freshman, Political Science, “Relax! It doesn’t matter”.

Safiya Sinclair

Safiya Sinclair: First year doctoral student 2019, “My fashion sense has been influenced by my Afro-Caribbean background, mixed with urban street style”.

Alison Horowitz

Alison Horowitz: Freshman, BFA in acting, “I dress how I feel and how I want to feel that day. It’s one of my tiny freedoms every morning”.

Boba Matjila

Bobo Matjila: Senior, Business Administration, “I’d rather look ‘ugly’ and interesting than pretty but boring anyday. Fashion should be about shameless self- expression. People are gonna look, so you might as well make it interesting”.

Ji Hyun

Ji Hyun: Sophomore, Business, “Casual and comfortness”