Suede, denim take over fall fashion

As summer becomes fall, new fashion trends find their way to storefronts. This season features bold pieces with softer, flowy fabrics that bring to life the coziness of all things autumn. According to Glamour, “the free spirit” of fall has been unleashed, sporting a boho look that appears effortless as it simply drapes over the body. Shift dresses and blouses are all the rave because of their loose silhouettes and floral patterns.

In contrast to the shapeless ease of some outfits, sharp geometric lines also come into play this fall. The straight edge of accordion pleating on midi skirts accentuates the waist, making it a very figure-flattering choice. This polished cut establishes a sense of professionalism for the working girl, bringing a cutting-edge aesthetic to a new level.

September means back to school, and designers are giving that phrase a whole new meaning as the runway takes on schoolgirl styles. Collared shirts and button down skirts achieve the collegiate look when paired with the appropriate heels and tote purse.

For college students, wearing six-inch heels around campus might not be the best way to get around, so that is where the “sporty-chic” look comes into play. Pairing simple dresses with bold necklaces and Nike running shoes proves not only to be functional, but also stylish. Such “athleisure outfits” are easy to recreate and individualize. As fun as it is to follow the latest trends, making them unique adds a personal element.

Another trend of the upcoming fashion season is textured fabrics. Whether it is a crop top or a midi dress, knit is the fabric to wear this fall.  Cable knit paired with unconventional necklines proves to be a runway favorite, as conservative, high-neck knits have appeared more on the runways than low-cut tops.

Aside from soft knits, suede looks like its making a comeback this season. The textile itself is not unfamiliar, but it is more unconventional than other textiles, like leather, for instance. Suede dresses with straight silhouettes toy with the geometric elements also looking to be popularized this fall, considering the denser fabric doesn’t contain the same buoyancy as others.

Beside knit and suede, denim is another textile to watch out for. The casual blue hue complements brown leather booties and a chambray blouse for a possible double denim ensemble. Whether it is flared pants modeled by Karlie Kloss from the Express campaign or a light-wash mini skirt, denim is arguably the most sought-after textile for this fall. Speaking of denim, distressed jeans have gone from trashy to trendy as it is now one of the most popular items in street wear.

Street wear this fall, however, isn’t as laid back as it comes across. For a more chic appearance, the turtleneck, a recurring item in fashion history, has been given another chance. According to Glamour fashion consultant Giorgia Tordini, a black turtleneck and camel coat make the perfect pair. The pairing has been hitting it off this season after keeping under the radar these last few years. Mixed prints have also made a comeback. By mismatching a plaid maxi skirt with a striped long sleeved shirt it is considered not only funky but also fashion forward.

As mentioned before, this season is all about making a statement. Stand-out pieces, such as bulky jewelry and platform sandals can elevate any outfit. Making a statement, however, doesn’t mean just wearing avant-garde articles of clothing. It means establishing confidence through one’s wardrobe. From edgy to official, everyone should be comfortable to express themselves through clothing, and that can start with the latest trends in fashion this fall.