How to accessorize with unique hand jewelry

Recently, I have become obsessed with hand jewelry, especially with rings. On an average day, I wear up to 10 rings: massive rings, phalange rings, even nail rings. The best part about my ring obsession is that stores are seemingly obsessed with this trend too. Upon entering stores like TopShop, Zara, Forever21, Abercrombie and Urban Outfitters, I often see a crazy variety of jewelry that will match with any imaginable outfit and nail color. Most of the items are on sale for reasonable prices, so the desire to purchase more and more just grows stronger. Here are some of the cool everyday jewelry items that a few of my favorite stores offer. They are easy to find, easy to buy and easy to mix!

H&M U-shaped ring  $5.99

H&M U-shaped Ring


Pearl rings from H&M have an interesting, modern look because of the two different sized pearls sitting on a finger. However, it also has a classy touch to it. This ring would go best with a bright red or burgundy color nail polish.

H&M 3-pack Rings  $4.99

H&M 3-Pack Rings


While doing some online shopping in between my architecture classes, I came across this gorgeous hand chain on This soft turquoise color would really pop in contrast with an edgy outfit. Consider wearing boyfriend jeans, Nike Air Max sneakers, white T-shirt and this cool hand chain.

TOPSHOP Pastel Stone Hand Chain $30

TOPSHOP Pastel Stone Hand Chain


These long, joint rings are really great because they visually extend hands and make fingers look thinner, longer and more graceful. Wear with anything, anytime. These unique pieces are a must.

TOPSHOP Rhinestone Finger and Midi Ring $9

TOPSHOP Rhinestone Finger and Midi Ring


Ring sets are another popular item this season. Who said that there is a limit to the amount of rings you can wear at once? This Urban Outfitters ring set successfully mixes gold and silver, and incorporates patterns commonly seen in East Asian culture. These rings would look great with a plain dress and some necklaces. Don’t hesitate to wear all of the set together. There is no such thing as too many rings.

Urban Outfitters Collective Ring Set $24

Urban Outfitters Collective Ring Set