Quick and easy accessories

As a fellow college student, I understand how difficult it can be to get into the routine of waking up with enough time to get ready before actually needing to be in class. Too often I find myself reaching for a the nearest top, pair of shorts and sandals and calling it a day, but accessorizing and looking put together doesn’t have to be a challenge. That’s why I’m here to provide you with some tips to make your mornings a little bit less dreadful and a little bit more stylish.

Two-In-One Sweater
 The key to easy morning dressing is the two-in-one sweater. The two-in-one sweater (a sweater that makes it look like you’re stylishly layering a shirt underneath, even though it’s really part of the sweater) is your best friend when picking two coordinating tops in the morning is just not an option. It solves all of your problems by being just as comfy as a normal sweater, while simultaneously making it look like you’ve got crazy good layering skills. And the best part is it takes less than 30 secs to look flawless before you run out the door.

J. Crew Striped Long-Sleeve T-Shirt With Shirttail Hem $78


Ankle Bootie
Oh how I love the ankle bootie. When wearing the right pair, they can feel just as comfortable as your favorite pair of sneakers or flats, while still looking effortlessly chic. An ankle bootie can be paired with a cute fall skirt, dress, or jeans. Not to mention, you still get a very fall-esque look without burning up in the Southern California heat.


J. Crew Frankie Ankle Boot $228

 Owning a fashionable but classic pair of sunglasses is essential to pulling off a simple and chic look in the morning. They keep you looking good while you’re riding your bike or walking between class, while shielding your eyes from the harmful sun, putting the fun in functionality.

Zappos Ray-Ban 'Clubmaster' 49mm Sunglasses $150

Zappos Ray-Ban ‘Clubmaster’ 49mm Sunglasses


Simple Leather Tote
Who doesn’t love a good leather tote bag? It functions just as well as  everyone’s beloved backpack, but it prevents your shoulders from looking strange around your backpack’s shoulder straps, It also makes you look like the trendy college student every high schooler dreams of becoming once they finally get into their university of choice. The leather tote is much more durable than a simple canvas tote, and is also a little bit more upscale.

J. Crew New Uptown Tote $178

J. Crew New Uptown Tote


Stylish Sneakers
 As much as we praise the ankle bootie, sometimes all you want to do is throw on a pair of sneakers and call it a day. Before grabbing the nearest pair of running shoes though, think about investing in a pair of casual sneakers. Jack Purcells, Converse, or a cute colored pair of Supergas are the perfect pick for your stylish sneakers. (No, this does not mean you should wear your “row shoes” to class either. If that’s the case you might as well wear the running shoes.)


Nordstrom Jack Purcell Sneakers $64.95

Colorful Scarf
Once it starts to get colder, wearing a scarf will be a natural inclination, but instead of wearing a simple, black, white, or gray scarf, think about bright colors or patterns. Wearing a bright color will not only help boost your mood on a gloomy day, but you’ll make a strong impression on others, and make them smile as well.

Lily Pulitzer Riley Tassel Infinity Loop Scarf - Pooling Around  $78

Lily Pulitzer Riley Tassel Infinity Loop Scarf – Pooling Around