Top 5 apps to find your soulmate

Love is in the air once again as Valentine’s Day comes around the corner this Sunday. For some, it could be a day of celebration and indulgence with loved ones; for others, it could be a dismal reminder of their singleness.

With the recent revival of dating apps and websites, it is not uncommon to find other college students or millennials looking for ways to spice up their lives. Maybe it’s time for you to take that risk and open up a profile — you will be surprised to see that many others are also looking for a special someone just like you. Despite the challenges and dangers that online dating has been associated with, new dating apps have developed more secure technology to ensure the privacy and safety of participants.

In recent years, online dating has allowed people to meet potential love interests. Today, it is particularly difficult for people to date without meeting each other on social media. Falling in love with someone after bumping into them on Trousdale is not exactly a realistic scenario for many. With so many different dating services available in the market, here are five popular apps that will help you find your soulmate this Valentine’s Day.


Tinder has been a groundbreaking force in the online dating world. Popular among many college students and millennials, the platform offers a simple solution to the complications of online dating profiles. In contrast to other dating apps, Tinder has abbreviated the process of dating through the creation of a simple design. Users simply create their profiles by adding a couple of photos of themselves, as well as a few short sentences or phrases about themselves. The function itself is simple — swipe left on a profile if you are not interested, or swipe right if you are. If you both swipe right, it’s a match.

Coffee Meets Bagel

Coffee Meets Bagel is an app that aims for quality over quantity. Many users have claimed that the app truly allowed them to develop connections and overlook the shallow aspects of online dating. Essentially, you are the “coffee” and every 24 hours, the app brings you a single “bagel.” The app personalizes the experience by curating a match based on mutual Facebook friends. Users have 24 hours to decide if they are interested in their “bagels.” If both parties express interest in one another, then the app will open a virtual chatroom for them to communicate or plan a date together.


Hitch is an interactive dating app that involves both users and their friends in the process of matchmaking. Adopting the idea of “friends know you better than yourself,” Hitch allows your friends to act as cupids, or matchmakers. Once users log in with their Facebook accounts, they can set their friends up together. The app only shows a photo and a brief profile of the person the user gets matched with, as well as the mutual friend who matched both parties together. Once that happens, a chat is opened up where the two matched users can meet one another. If both are interested, then they have the option of sending a “Reveal Request” to learn more about their matches. This app is particularly interesting because it allows your friends to play a part in your dating experience. Whether you are looking to get matched or play matchmaker for your friends, Hitch offers a refreshing and fun experience for everybody involved.


A serious relationship isn’t for everybody. If you’re looking for mostly fun, Down is the app for you. The process is quite simple; the app is linked to the user’s Facebook account. In the app, users have the opportunity to select which of their friends they would like to get “down” with. You can also select friends of friends until you match with any one of your selections. Afterwards, you have the option to meet, plan a date, or get “down” with your match.


Hinge aims to connect users through mutual friends on Facebook. The dating app’s main purpose is to allow people to meet one another without the awkwardness of not knowing anything about each other. Like a conventional online dating service, Hinge allows users to enter their preferences, location, and age. However, Hinge’s greatest advantage is that its emphasis on mutual friends and interests means that each user is accountable for his or her behavior, given that both parties share friends.