Miley Cyrus and Alicia Keys have much to offer The Voice


The Voice has become one of the most popular musical shows on television, far surpassing American Idol and others in the genre in the last several years. With it’s famous judges and all-star talent, the show presents one of the most collective and honest evolution of talent on television.

Two of the judges, stars Adam Levine and Blake Shelton have been on the show since its inception. With several winners each, these two have become the power duo of the journey. For its upcoming 11th season, two new judges are taking over the spots of previous stars Pharrell Williams and Christina Aguilera. The newcomers are soul-queen Alicia Keys and pop diva Miley Cyrus. These two judges are definitely an interesting dichotomy to add to the show with their highly differing styles.

Keys, multi-award winning artist will be adding a new soulful approach to the show that many past judges haven’t been able to bring. Keys is an accomplished musician, playing instruments from piano to drums and will be able to add a more technical approach to the judging ring. Her stylistic approach will also be new to the group combining soul, jazz and pop all together. The contestants on her team will be opened to a whole new level of technical perfection and old-school influence that could shoot them right to the top.

Cyrus on the other hand, should be interesting and unpredictable new addition. This pop-star started on Disney (not exactly known for its long-standing stellar talent) and broke through the ceiling becoming an overly sexualized and characterized image. Despite her outlandish self-presentation, Cyrus could introduce another new concept to the contestants on the show. Cyrus’s ability to form her own character and image could greatly influence the contestants. She will have a keen eye for the marketable contestants, people who have a “look” or just something about them that could help them take their talent to the top.

Both of the new judges served as mentors on past seasons and proved to be greatly helpful and liked among the past contestants. Despite the differences in style, image and genre, these two leading lady stars have the potential to create winning teams on this upcoming season of the show.