USC Parent’s Weekend-Inspired Playlist


Photo courtesy of Getty Images

This past weekend was full of warm welcomes for parents and students across campus. With a day full of tailgating on Saturday and a concert delivered by the legendary Bangles, it’s no doubt that parents reconnected with their golden years. When I told my mom about the Bangles coming out to play a show, she got really excited – that is, until we both realized we forgot to register her to come. Not only was my mom bummed about missing the Bangles, she was also bummed about missing weekend one of “Oldmanchella.” Sorry, Mom!

Nonetheless, it was a good weekend with my parents, and in honor of the many parents who came to visit USC this weekend, I decided it would be appropriate to make a playlist of all the old jams our moms and dads used to listen to. This one’s for you, Mom and Dad!