Why You Should Be On SoundCloud

During our senior year of high school, my friend and I thought it would be funny to create a SoundCloud that mocked the boys in my grade because it felt like every guy we knew was always creating the “perfect” playlist or trying to be famous. One year later, I can genuinely say that that stupid joke was one of the best decisions I have ever made.

We joined SoundCloud with no intention of genuinely falling in love with the service itself because we thought it would always be our little inside joke, but we slowly became obsessed. In the beginning, we did not let anyone follow us and kept it a secret, but inadvertently it changed me.

I have always loved music and appreciated music for its entirety; however, I never really followed music. And what I mean by following music is actively following different artists, learning about new artists, and listening to new tracks posted daily. I always learned about music from the radio or iTunes, but SoundCloud completely changed that.

I do not know when or how, but I became obsessed with electronic music, and not only electronic music, but all genres of music. I started to spend countless hours listening to complete albums and unedited tracks, which I had never done before. I also found myself excited to talk about music with anyone and always asking people to share with me their favorite music.

Not only did my feelings on SoundCloud change, but I changed as a person. I started to become more open-minded to different music, different people, and different ideas. I realized that the only person I was hurting by hating on a genre of music or a group of people was myself. At the end of the day, there are so many exciting aspects of life that one can learn about if he or she is open-minded and willing to try things he or she hates without any reason.

From SoundCloud, I have learned about artists that have become an integral part of who I am- Jeremy Zucker, Matt DiMona, and Lido- and I have created friendships through our mutual love of music. Not only that, music is the perfect conversation starter and is a topic that I love to debate, discuss, and experience with others.

So for now, I will keep scrolling through my SoundCloud listening to the new Post Malone or Sam Galletraity track. And if I am lucky, I’ll tune in to a song that one of my friends has sent to me because it reminded them of me. On a side-note: there is nothing better than this because (1) it is so genuine and (2) sincere.

If you want to follow my SoundCloud you can, but be prepared for a wide variety of music, the fact that I share it with my friend living on the other side of the country, and that I repost a lot. Get a SoundCloud, it just might change you too!