Fisher@USC creates arts and crafts fair on campus

With finals week approaching, the USC community offers a wide range of interactive de-stressing activities for the student body. One organization in particular, Students with Fisher, is attempting to foster a connection with students and the USC Fisher Museum of Art through a De-Stress Craft Fair on Friday.

Hosted at the Fisher Museum Courtyard in Harris Hall, the event will allow students to engage in crafts and other artistic activities from 12 p.m. to 2 p.m. Food will be provided, and students are encouraged to explore their artistic abilities through activities like making cards and sock monkeys.

Catherine Mai, the president of Students with Fisher, said that as a student with a passion for art, she hopes these events will provide exposure for the Fisher Museum and the amazing artwork it exhibits.

“Most people don’t know much about the museum, and that’s what I’m trying to break,” she said. “By bringing people into fairs and festivals like this, we hope they will be exposed to Fisher and will want to learn more about it.”

Students with Fisher hosts occasional events, such as movie nights to an annual spring Celebration of the Arts, in attempt to engage students with the organization’s artistic endeavors. For this fair, the group aims to spread the joy that comes with creating crafts in a community environment.

Students with Fisher will provide materials for students to create their own personal de-stress kit from the Health Center, alongside sock monkeys and cards. They are also bringing some nostalgic childhood crafts to the table, with coloring pages and crafting flowers from recycled paper.

Outside student organizations are also invited to partner up with Students with Fisher to come up with a table activity during the fair. Many of the craft activities require inexpensive materials but are enjoyable, especially when done in a group.

Overall, Students with Fisher hopes the fair will stimulate interest with the Fisher Museum’s art exhibitions and create a longstanding relationship with the student body.

“The exhibits Fisher puts on every semester are amazing, and it really acknowledges art that USC students wouldn’t see at other museums around here,” Mai said. The De-Stress Craft Fair serves as an additional incentive for students to get their hands dirty with their own art, even just for a couple hours.

Earlier in the fall semester, the Fisher Museum exhibited Latin American works in its Cuba exhibition, illustrating its dedication in presenting multicultural contemporary art pieces to the USC audience. It has also hosted a Roski Annual Student Exhibition in May 2016 to showcase the creativity and talent of the student body, regardless of an individual’s major.

Currently, an exhibition titled A Generosity of Spirit: Celebrating the Gift of Eugene Rogolsky, MD is on display at Fisher, presenting an immersive collection of works by both amateur and professional artists. Students are encouraged to visit the exhibition shortly after their time at the De-Stress Craft Fair, as the museum is open from 12 p.m. to 5 p.m. on weekdays.