Doheny Library evacuated after students sprayed with fire extinguisher

A man wielding a fire extinguisher sprayed students and damaged property in Doheny Library Friday evening before being taken into custody by police.

The event is not related to a fatal stabbing on campus only an hour and a half prior.

According to the LAPD dispatch, officers responded to reports of a man moving through the library with the extinguisher just before 6 p.m. DPS evacuated the library and apprehended the suspect shortly thereafter. At least three victims were treated for breathing complications resulting from the extinguisher.

A USC alumna, who asked that her name not be used to protect her privacy, said she was studying on the bottom floor of the library when she saw white powder appearing out of the corner of her eye. When she looked up, a man dressed in black sprayed her in the face with the extinguisher. She described him as looking “completely calm,” and said she was thankful that he had not been armed.

“I ran up the stairs and was screaming for someone to call 911,” the alumna said. “It got all blurry and I was waiting to get hit by a bullet – but I’m so thankful to be alive right now.”

The witness said that she had seen the same male about 30 minutes earlier, walking around outside the library and flipping benches over. She said he had appeared calm throughout.