Hadron Epoch brings chic designs to Ground Zero

“Epoch stationery for epic minds,” is the slogan of Hadron Epoch, a design studio based in Los Angeles. A small team of four, Hadron Epoch produces a variety of stationery and lifestyle items for the modern consumer. Think Kate Spade notebooks — elegant with flecks of gold lettering — but affordable. In an effort to expand its branding, Hadron Epoch came to Ground Zero Performance Café to host a pop-up shop on Jan. 11.

Since Hadron Epoch is currently without a brick and mortar store, the company sells directly from its website and at retail stores such as Anthropologie and T.J.Maxx that carry novelty goods. Periodically, they also host pop-up shops, like the one at Ground Zero, at fairs or events to branch out to local consumers in the area.

Hadron Epoch sponsored Ground Zero’s Wednesday rap night during Welcome Week and entered the college scene for the first time in the brand’s history. It presented itself as a brand catering to young audiences through vibrant patterns and bright colors. Students who signed up for the newsletter were given a free planner and a 10 percent discount code.

The design studio was decisive in its choosing the University  as its location for the event.

“We are hoping to give students a fresh perspective on modern stationary they can use and a new spectrum of ideas they would be able to incorporate into their daily lives,” Jackie Ng, a marketer at Hadron Epoch, said.

Recently, Hadron Epoch is looking to launch a new line of planners, notebooks and stationery featuring bolder colors for the millennial crowd, a shift from their former subdued designs and toned-down color schemes. It will still be under the name of the design consultancy but will market under the label Pop and be catered toward millennials who are on a tighter budget.

Planners have been reaping in the greatest sales for the design studio this season. They come in three forms — open-dated, yearly and academic follow the themes of the Modern Collection, which are come in soft tints of pink, white and blue.

Journals, on the other hand, generally represent the studio’s young and vibrant personality, as most are part of the brightly Illustrated Pattern Collection. Wanderlust titles such as “Go Explore” and “Be Adventurous” echo the design studio’s adherence to fun. Their philosophy, as printed on their website, states, “having fun is just as important as working hard.” Graphic illustrations of cake, dogs, cats and other whimsical images are also featured on their notebooks.

The team at Hadron Epoch fulfills these philosophies appropriately. By definition, Hadron Epoch refers to the period of time right after the creation of the universe, the Big Bang. By adopting this title, the studio wishes to create designs that inspire a new way of thinking and creating in their contemporary universe.

The design firm communicated this ideology through their lively, sleek products. By bringing their products to USC, their designers hope to keep inspiring younger audiences with their beautiful creations and novelty goods.

For more information on this high-end stationery brand or to stay updated on future pop-ups and discounts, visit Hadron Epoch’s website at www.hadronepoch.com.