Monday Motivation

Where did the time go? Another week has passed by in what feels like a second. The craziness of the weekend has left me feeling tired and lazy. Not to mention my bedroom is a mess. I am a mess. I reflect on how I have not completed anything on my weekly checklist yet.

Luckily, it is Sunday; it is my day. The personal time that I take for myself on Sundays typically prepares me for the entire week ahead. I run the dishwasher, I do laundry, I tidy up all of the clothes that litter the floor of my bedroom, I write in my planner, I shop for groceries, I take out the trash, I shower, I cook a real dinner, I clean the floor, I sometimes exercise and most importantly, I study. The Super Bowl slightly messed up my routine this week, but generally I am able to complete all of my tasks stress-free. Due to this routine, I wake up feeling motivated on Mondays. I begin my week feeling accomplished. I feel motivated to excel in school, socialize, exercise and complete the required tasks of my internship. Nothing is holding me back.

I also find my weekly motivation through interactions that I have with my family and friends from home. Typically, I will call my dad on Sundays. We usually talk on the phone more than just once a week, but Sunday’s talks are always the longest.  Although I realize that college is a time to gain independence away from home, the relationships that I have with people from home, such as my family, are ones that I do not want to distance myself from. I always make sure to call my dad because he is my cheerleader. He genuinely cares about my everyday life away from home and always wants to hear news regarding my friends and adventures at USC.  More importantly, he encourages me to do well in school and reminds me of previous goals that I have set for myself. The calls that I share with my dad, or really anyone important to me from my hometown make me feel like home isn’t so far away.

My final way of gaining motivation for the upcoming week is through physical activity. Nothing makes you feel better than a good sweat. Luckily, the apartment complex that I live in has its own gym. So, I really do not have any excuses as to why I can’t make it to the gym. On Sundays I edit my gym Spotify playlist to include any new songs that I have heard throughout the week. When I eventually make it to the gym, I am usually pretty excited because I am eager to listen to my new music. My personal routine includes running three miles on the treadmill, a series of planks and ab exercises, lifting light weights and stretching. Post workout, I feel like I can take do anything.

These are my ways of finding motivation so that I am ready to conquer the upcoming week. Let’s get motivated!