Vehicle crashes into bench near Tommy Trojan

A non-USC male drove his vehicle onto campus and crashed into a bench at Hahn Plaza just before 5 p.m. on Monday, causing minor damage to his car and other property.

The accident occurred when the driver made a U-turn and ran over a backpack near the fountain at Hahn Plaza, according to the Department of Public Safety. No injuries to the driver or any pedestrians were reported as a result of the incident.

According to DPS Deputy Chief David Carlisle, the man appeared to be disoriented and confused while driving and was unaware of his location at the time of the crash. DPS officers who responded to the situation contacted the fire department and paramedics. Paramedics transported the driver to a local hospital for treatment of possible medical issues or other complications that were not directly related to the crash.

The Los Angeles Police Department impounded the car following the accident, storing it temporarily at their facilities until the driver is able to reclaim it.

Carlisle said that there are currently no ongoing cleanup efforts at the scene of the crash because all damage to property was minor.