Sunny Days on Catalina Island

As the weather gets warmer, we try to find more ways to have fun, and what better way to celebrate California’s beautiful climate than by going to the ocean? But maybe you’re bored of going to the same beaches over and over again. Maybe you’re looking for a fresh destination to visit.

Santa Catalina Island, better known simply as Catalina Island, is a perfect choice. I have been there twice in the summer and the experience has always been amazing. The clear blue water, the smell of the sea and the palm trees and buildings standing cheerfully on the rolling hills create an environment very like the Mediterranean coastline in Europe.

To get there, I had to take the Catalina Express, a boat that departs Long Beach and heads straight to Catalina Island. It took about an hour at sea, so for those of you who gets seasick easily, bring some medication that might help. A less well-known fact about the Catalina Express: It’s completely free on your birthday! Just bring an ID and you can get to Catalina Island for free.

The boat docks in Avalon Bay on the eastern side of the island. The city of Avalon sits close by, offering boutique shops and cute restaurants in picturesque boulevards lined with palm trees. I spent hours just going in and out of stores and enjoying the laid-back atmosphere and people’s friendly attitudes. Best of all, there are barely any cars, so I was able to freely walk around the city.

There are many other things to do in Catalina Island other than shopping and dining. Water sports, including snorkeling, surfing and diving, are available for visitors, and there are boat and submarine rides around the island as well. For those of you who are more interested in land-based activities, you can find safaris around the island, zipline adventures, spas and even golf courses.