Explore Santa Monica

Santa Monica is one of those places you absolutely must visit when you’re in Los Angeles. With its beautiful sandy beaches, its retro pier and its large selection of restaurants and shopping areas, Santa Monica is a beachfront heaven for tourists, retirees, families and college students alike.

I have lived in Santa Monica for three years now, but still I enjoy the city as if it was my first day here. I do have some favorite spots, however, and here’s a few of them.

Athena Lim | Daily Trojan

Santa Monica Pier

The pier is one of the city’s most famous attractions. With its amusement park, retro vibes and delicious food vendors, it makes a wonderful spot for hanging out or for a date. On summer nights, the pier hosts the Twilight Concerts and on fall evenings it hosts the Front Porch Cinema where you can relax and enjoy free  entertainment with your friends. Go early, though, because it can be crowded.

Athena Lim | Daily Trojan

Santa Monica Beach

Of course, Santa Monica Beach makes the list. Who can say “no” to the rolling waves, the ocean wind and the sand? The beach is just a few blocks away from downtown Santa Monica, making it the perfect spot to watch the sunset as you finish shopping.

Athena Lim | Daily Trojan

Third Street Promenade

Third Street Promenade is the place to go for shopping. It’s four whole blocks of pedestrian-friendly stores and restaurants, ending with a semi-outdoor mall. Whether you’re looking for high-end luxury goods or more affordable ones, Third Street Promenade has it all.

There are a lot of things happening in the Promenade, like the Santa Monica Film Festival, farmers markets, and Indonesian, Egyptian and Ukrainian cultural events. Don’t forget, every Sunday the promenade hosts Salsa Nights where you can dance the night away.

Athena Lim | Daily Trojan

Main Street

Main Street is lined with boutique stores, restaurants, cafes and great bars. From well-known franchises like Urth Caffe to family-owned businesses, Main Street is sure to keep you entertained all day long.