Best of USC: Photo Op Spots

We can all agree that USC is a picturesque campus, known for its Romanesque and Gothic architecture. But, where are the best photo op spots on campus?

Trevor Sochocki | Daily Trojan

Mudd Hall Entranceway

This Tuscan courtyard is filled with red-and-white brick arches and elegant corinthian columns, and the sounds of the water fountain add to the dreaminess of the space. If you haven’t already taken your LinkedIn profile picture here, it’s only a matter of time before you do because nothing says “hire me” like the combination of business attire and this iconic backdrop.

Paulina Ordaz | Daily Trojan

Fisher Museum Garden

Beside the entrance to the Fisher Museum lies a garden seating area featuring quotes from a turbulent in Hollywood. From far away, the benches and shrubbery seem idyllic; however, a viewer is immersed with quotes from actors, such as Gregory Peck. These creative artists are known as the “Hollywood Ten,” individuals that refused to stand before the House Un-American Activities Committee for scrutiny of their political beliefs. This garden echoes the struggles of censorship, which took place in 1950s Hollywood.

Trevor Sochocki | Daily Trojan

Literatea Courtyard

With a latte in hand, the courtyard beside Literatea serves as a lovely setting to meet with friends, or catch up on some work. The coziness and sheer beauty of the space make it an ideal spot for a photo.

Trevor Sochocki | Daily Trojan

Bovard Entrance

The brick arches outside of Bovard Auditorium serve as a charming background to any photo. Next time you find yourself in line for a guest speaker or music performance make sure to take a quick photo.

Trevor Sochocki | Daily Trojan

Tommy Trojan

The pinnacle of all USC campus visits begin and end with a photo in front of the Tommy Trojan statue. Whether you took a photo by Tommy during orientation as an incoming freshman or during your final semester as a graduating senior, all roads lead back to a photo op with Tommy.