ISA’s Globefest Celebrates Cultural Diversity

Photo Courtesy of Ruchi Parikh and Jordan Medina

As I continue my journey to highlight the diverse identities that make up USC, the International Student Assembly’s Globefest embodies the true togetherness and celebration of international cultures.

This festival is comprised of many moving parts: photo booths, milk tea with boba, traditional Vietnamese and Chinese dance performances, a petting zoo and a special appearance by Traveler. There truly was something for everyone to enjoy. Although the festival itself was a success by the sheer volume of attendees, I found the ISA members to be the greatest asset to the event.

Broadly speaking, ISA serves as an umbrella organization to cultural organizations on campus. On its Facebook page, ISA describes their mission as, “to promote international culture and raise diversity awareness on campus.” ISA delivers on their mission by hosting numerous events throughout the academic year, such as International Food Fair, iVoice, etc.

Vice President of Professional Affairs Lydia Yang discussed her initial difficulties acclimating to campus life. Being a L.A. native myself, I never once considered the alternate experiences of my fellow Trojans. Moving to L.A. from Beijing at 17 years old, Yang became more involved in campus life, which eventually led to her position on ISA.

“Be open minded and never be afraid,” Yang said when I asked what advice she had for her younger self.

It was her sheer resilience that led Yang to establish a community for herself at USC.

Having spoken to members of ISA, I understood the grave importance of providing not only a home for 24 percent of the university’s population, but also giving these students a chance to celebrate their distinct cultural identities. Events like Globefest, provide the opportunity for the broader USC community to learn and appreciate a variety of cultures in depth.

I relished the opportunity to eat Takoyaki, a ball-shaped Japanese snack, and watch Trogons, the first and only East Asian A Cappella at USC. An experience like this is only made possible through the planning and execution of ISA.

Photo Courtesy of Ruchi Parikh and Jordan Medina

Photo Courtesy of Ruchi Parikh and Jordan Medina

ISA’s Globefest invites individuals to meet from backgrounds across the world. I truly never knew the varying experiences of my fellow Trojans, until I took the time to listen with an open mind and compassionate heart.

ISA proudly showcases USC’s beautifully diverse campus life, while also bringing International students together to foster a supportive community.