No AC? No problem

Los Angeles is world famous for its great beach weather that lasts for a good half of each year. Sure, that’s great for beach lovers, but for college students with no air conditioning in their dorms, it could be an absolute nightmare. From being unable to fall asleep to having no motivation to go out, scorching heat affects USC students in all aspects of life.

However, there are ways to combat the heat without dropping half your living expenses on an air conditioner. To alleviate these torturous situations, here are some things students can do easily with a limited budget:

1. Invest in a fan

Fans may seem bulky and unnecessary for the few summer months, but investing in one will be absolutely worth it when others are struggling with 100-degree heat in the middle of November. Fans are a perfect solution to the lack of air conditioning and are relatively easy to sell when the time comes.

A quick tip to chill the room even faster is to set a tray of ice cubes right in front of the fan, then wait as released air cools  drastically!

2. If you live in a breezy area, keep the window open

A hot room is a significantly better option than a hot, stuffy room. Opening the window allows for air circulation that can not only keep a constant breeze, but can also eliminate the smell of dirty laundry and whatever smells float around in a college dorm.

3. Watermelons

Head on over to Trader Joe’s or Target and buy a watermelon, because these fruits not only contain healthy minerals but also double as a delicious and refreshing snack to combat the heat. Watermelons also contain lots of water, which is vital to prevent dehydration. Keep the watermelon in the fridge for a few hours before consumption for best cooling results.

4. Freeze healthy popsicles as snacks

Didn’t finish your acai bowl from Sunlife Organics? Got leftover orange juice in the fridge? This next tip allows you to put an interesting spin on leftovers! Simply buy a popsicle mold or ice cube trayand pour whatever fruit juices you have into it. These popsicles will satisfy students with a sweet tooth without carrying the guilt that comes along with regular cold desserts.

5. Take a cold shower

Nothing feels better than a nice, cold shower after walking outside in the blistering heat for a whole day. If the temperature in the dorm is distracting you from your studies, take a break and hop into the shower. This can help the mind relax and provides an excellent opportunity for a personal karaoke session. Even better, cold showers reduce electricity bill costs since hot showers require electricity to heat the water. Whoho doesn’t love saving money?

6. Hibernate in Leavey

If none of these tips work and the world still seems to be melting, head on over to Leavey Library. Live there. Study there. There is air conditioning, it’s available for 24 hours,and staying in there helps project a studious image of yourself to your friends and family. You’ll be able to meet a diverse range of students and even make new connections while competing for an empty study room.