Six podcasts to recharge and motivate you this summer

Though podcasts have streamlined our intake of information, they have also proved to be a valuable resource for self-improvement. From meditation guides to discussions on mental health, podcasts can serve as a simple and practical route to a healthier psyche.

Here are some podcast recommendations to get you started this summer:

“Optimal Living Daily”

A great podcast to listen to with a morning cup of coffee, “Optimal Living Daily” features blog posts about personal development, finance and health. Become inspired to make small changes and positively impact your life. If you enjoy these short blog posts, feel free to explore the following related series to boost your daily productivity: “Optimal Business Daily,” “Optimal Health Daily,” “Optimal Finance Daily,” and “Optimal Relationships Daily.”

“Science Friday”

For curious minds who grew up watching the Discovery Channel, this podcast delivers news and fascinating developments from the scientific community. Stories range from rare narwhal recordings as they communicate with each other to exciting content about cephalopod week. Episodes are released every Friday and guest speakers from all branches of science are invited to share their knowledge. “Science Friday” will introduce you to a variety of topics such as math, technology, and engineering, while crossing over to other topics like ethics, policy, and health.

Hosted by Southern California-based psychologist Dr. Robert Duff, “The Hardcore Self Help Podcast” is released weekly. (Allen Pham/Daily Trojan).

“The Hardcore Self Help Podcast”

“The Hardcore Self-Help Podcast” is an excellent starting point to begin a self-healing journey. On the series, Southern California-based psychologist Robert Duff answers questions, offers advice and discusses topics on mental health, anxiety, relationships, and psychology. A retired ASMR content creator, Dr. Duff will help you de-stress and relax at the end of every day. Episodes vary every week, featuring interviews, Q&A segments sessions, as well as guest speakers.

“Global News Podcast”

Get your daily dose of news from BBC while waiting in line at the grocery store or walking to summer classes. The broadcaster’s “Global News Podcast” delivers a condensed 30-minute recap of major events happening around the world. Waste no time listening to fast-paced coverage from international reporters and interviews that will keep you informed about the week’s latest events. Full episodes can also be downloaded from the BBC website.

“Operation Self Reset”

This podcast is for those looking to make serious life changes this summer. Jake Nawrocki, founder of “Operation Self Reset,” strives to deliver practical knowledge to help listeners weave self-help techniques into their daily routines. This podcast will help you take a first step in changing your life. Episodes address topics like confidence, discipline and happiness in a lighthearted manner by sharing tips and featuring real-life success stories.

“The 5 AM Miracle”

For overachievers who are not satisfied with an already-full schedule, this podcast may be the extra push you’re looking for. “The 5 AM Miracle” podcast with Jeff Sanders will help you master the day before breakfast and channel all your energy into productivity. Episodes will motivate you at  5 a.m. every morning.