Troy Camp fundraises for injured member, her family

Amy Lorenzo’s family has started a GoFundMe page to fund her surgery after she was struck by a vehicle last week. (Photo Courtesy of Troy Camp)

After a truck collision injured Troy Camp participant Amy Lorenzo, 12, and killed her older sister Marlene, 14, last Thursday, an uncle of the sisters has started a fundraiser to raise money for the family.

Amy and Marlene Lorenzo were hit by a semi-trailer truck while walking to school near the intersection of Broadway Place and West 37th Street. Both sisters were transported to the hospital, where Marlene was pronounced dead and Amy was treated in critical condition.

“Troy Camp is trying to support the Lorenzo family and share the GoFundMe and get them as much financial support and emotional support as they can,” said Molly Bamberger, executive co-director of Troy Camp, a student-run philanthropy organization centered on providing long-term mentorship for students in the South Los Angeles community.

The fundraiser has raised over $20,000 of its $100,000 goal at the time of publication.

Amy and Marlene’s uncle started the fundraiser on GoFundMe to alleviate the cost of the funeral, as well as surgery expenses for Amy. Troy Camp counselors have shared the fundraiser on social media to spread awareness and increase funding for the Lorenzo family.

Amy joined Troy Camp three years ago when she was in third grade and has been an active member since.

In her freshman year, Bamberger, now a senior majoring in public policy, became a designated counselor for Amy and nine other third-grade girls. 

“In the third grade, [Amy] was really shy,” Bamberger said. “It took her a little bit to open up and once she did, she has always been thoughtful [and] supportive.”

Over the years, Bamberger served as a mentor for Amy, seeing her and her cohort as often as every month. As Bamberger spent time with the girls, whether it was making food or “going on adventures” together, she became a mentor for Amy.

“She’s definitely a leader in our group,” Bamberger said. “She makes the other girls a little more thoughtful when they’re just being goofy and all over the place.”

Two of Amy and Marlene’s other siblings, a sister in third grade and a brother in fifth grade, will be joining Troy Camp this summer, Bamberger said. 

“We haven’t heard any further updates whether [Amy] been moved out or if the condition worsened,” said Troy Camp co-director Marla Ross, a senior majoring in cognitive science. “We’re just trying to give their family space right now.”