Let’s Wine Down: There’s a wine to fit every post-summer slump

(Ted Wint | Daily Trojan)

I’m going to be upfront — I am not a sommelier. Despite my lack of formal education in the field, I do know I enjoy wine and have spent countless hours drinking it. 

This column is meant to be a petite, tongue-in-cheek introduction to the world of wine, not a comprehensive one by any means. Wine has come to occupy a special place in my life and I hope that it will soon occupy a similar place for this column’s readers.

Arriving at USC after the summer can mean different things to different people. For some, it’s the start of the final year of college and the anxiety of postgrad careers has pushed them to their breaking point. For others, it’s a brand new start — a time to reinvent themselves after being away for a few months. Or perhaps, others aren’t ready to let go of summer and are in denial. Whatever the mood may be, there’s a wine for everyone.

“Catching feelings for my summer fling” mood

Whether it was yesterday or a month ago, breaking it off with a summer fling can be tough. But if I’m being honest (and honesty is a key step to recovery), summer flings should stay in summer. So let’s focus on the now and find love again. 

And may André Brut California champagne be one of those many loves. Revered for its delicate, but consistent bubbles and elegance, this champagne is never a wrong choice. This blend of white wine grapes with a Malibu oceanside aroma will be the perfect accompaniment for new beginnings. 

Cost: $5

“#HotGirlSummer continued” mood

Who wouldn’t want the summer’s hottest mantra to last through the whole school year? I try to live my life unapologetically while hyping my friends up to live their best lives, and a glass of Fleur de Mer Rosé complements that attitude perfectly. 

Rich with a scent of watermelons and a subtle touch of citrus, Fleur de Mer Rosé comes from the region of Provence in France. This fruity rosé with a tropical aroma is perfect for that weekly brunch date with a group of girlfriends (or boyfriends)!

Cost: $16

“Um, I’m a senior already” mood

As a senior, I’m confronting the reality that my time at USC is beginning to end. It seems like only a few tailgates ago that I was the new kid on the block, ready to experience all that USC had to offer. Now I’m here — the start of the end. No one can blame seniors for wanting to reminisce about these past few years, but their minds will certainly blame them if they don’t do it with a glass of red wine (scientifically speaking). Give the 2011 Fergalicious a try. With a woody, Cuban cigar aroma, it stays in one’s memory for many years in the future, after just a few sips. And yes, it is from Fergie’s winery, and it is way better than her 2018 NBA All-Stars national anthem performance.

Cost: $20

Objectively speaking, wine is very subjective. If you’re in the mood for adventure, give these wines a try, you might come to the same conclusion or you might not. Either way, it’s totally okay. What matters most is to enjoy your experience and to welcome the new school year with a glass of wine.

Ted Wint is a senior writing about wine culture for the Daily Trojan. His column “Let’s Wine Down” runs every other week.

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