Letter from the Editors: Calling all Artists

If you were to ask us last semester what the Daily Trojan Lifestyle section was about, we would have probably said “…anything!” Previously dominated by movie, album, concert and TV show reviews, the Lifestyle section was indicative of mainstream popular culture nationwide. From covering newly-released Netflix specials to writing about Coachella, Lifestyle encompassed stories directed to a universal audience.

Now, we’re turning a new leaf, shifting our focus, changing our name. 

Although we often covered USC arts and entertainment initiatives, our decision to change our name harkens back to our focus and dedication to this campus. We realized we were not embracing what was so unique about our university — we instead tried to appeal to a larger audience, an audience that could easily find similar stories at countless other outlets. But what better stories to cover than the ones that take place on our campus, that cater to our communities and impact our students? We want to make sure our main readership feels represented, highlighted and uplifted. We want to pay homage to our student-led art initiatives, up-and-coming artists, dancers, designers, playwrights, performers and musicians. We want to be more USC-centric, covering on-campus events, performances and exhibitions.

That is why, with the first issue of the Fall 2019 Semester, we are setting a standard of covering stories that are particularly applicable to USC students. By exploring Visions and Voices initiatives, such as their social justice-oriented and community-driven Arts in Action program, to interviewing USC alumna and rapper Saweetie, we hope to shed light on our thriving arts community. We strive to continue a trend of encouraging artistic growth and engagement within our campus.

Although we will continue to cover culturally relevant and salient artistic endeavors which pique all college students’ interests, we want our section to stand out from other competing newspapers, to embrace what is unique about our school. USC is a top-tier artistic campus — we have a myriad of artists making great things right under our noses — our newspaper should be a platform for our artists to elevate themselves. 

Arts & Entertainment, our new brand, will put USC creatives first. Our section will, first and foremost, cover our inspiration, our muses, our struggles and our triumphs. It will follow the trials and tribulations of student artists finding their passion and showcasing their projects. 

As we rebrand, we want to encourage students to reach out to us about their artistic endeavors. We are calling on you, our artists, to share your stories, experiences and projects. We ask that you help us redefine our muse and rebuild our section from the “campus up.”