Let’s Wine Down: Ranking the most Instagrammable wines

Usual Wines comes in a vial-like container, making for an ideal Instagram aesthetic. (Ted Wint | Daily Trojan)

There is no shame in admitting that some of us drink wine for the aesthetics. It wouldn’t be the first time someone daydreams of standing on the rooftop with a glass of red wine in hand overlooking the city’s skyline. Can’t you just imagine that Instagram-worthy shot? One of the great things about wine is that it can transform your Instagram game. Here are some of the most Instagrammable wines that not only look fabulous but also taste delicious:

Usual Wines

Enriched with a satisfying sip of bing cherries, dark chocolate and fresh violets, the red wine from Usual Wines is a total game-changer for photography enthusiasts. The red wine hails from California’s very own Sonoma County and comes bottled in a cone-shaped glass that resembles the equipment of a sophisticated scientist. It’s modern and chic, two things everyone wants in an Instagram photo. Not only is it pleasing to look at, but with just the first sip you can feel the mystery of a solitary walk in the hills without the discomfort of being lost. In that sense, it’s an approachable wine. It’s sold online in packs, but they sell by the glass exclusively at the Hi-Lo Liquor Market in Culver City for $7 — and if reds are not your cup of tea, they also offer rosé and brut. 

The Marigny’s 2018 Carbonic Pinot Gris

Often referred to as ‘‘the orange wine from Oregon,’’ this is perhaps the most hip wine in Los Angeles (for the record, orange wine is not an actual term — it just refers to the color of the wine). A skin-contact pinot grigio sourced from the Willamette Valley in Oregon, the wine enchants its drinker with an experience of sun-toasted herbs and sour green olives mixed with a refreshing hint of grapefruit (ideally served slightly chilled). Just in time for the arrival of autumn, the color and shape of the wine will fit into any Thanksgiving table or picnic in a bed of fallen yellow-orange leaves. This is a wine you don’t want to miss out on, so snag a bottle while you can. It costs $32 per bottle at Hi-Lo Liquor Market.

2018 Paper Planes “Flight School” — Rosé

Rosé in a can? Yes, that’s a thing, and it is a revolutionary experience for wine drinkers. Enclosed in a 250mL can, this Russian Valley’s rosé from Sonoma County is for the casual, laidback crowd. Aesthetically pleasing with millennial pink wrapping and confetti printed around the can, this rosé is meant to be shared and is ideal for group photos at any party. Grown in a cooler climate than most rosé in California, this wine tastes crisp with a mixture of strawberries and watermelons that brings the tropical vibes to L.A. Perhaps an even better connection to the city is that Paper Planes co-founders Laura and Kyle Gabriel left careers in film and music in L.A. to launch it. It costs $8 per can at Hi-Lo Liquor Market.

May these wines help you on the first few steps toward becoming a more sophisticated Instagram influencer. Pink, red, white, yellow, orange – whatever your theme might be, there is most likely a wine that will suit your Instagram aesthetic. Next time you drink wine, be sure to snap a photo and share the experience. 

Ted Wint is a senior writing about wine culture for the Daily Trojan. His column “Let’s Wine Down” runs every other Thursday.