You Should Stan: Band from ‘down under’ blends new-age rock with chill beach vibes

Australian band Skegss recently captivated audiences with its groovy sound at musical festival Tropicália. (Photo courtesy of Goldenvoice)

Attendees at Tropicália last Sunday got to start their festival with one of the grooviest bands on the lineup: Skegss.

Hailing from Australia, the band brought their neatest and newest tracks to the big stage. Their tracks perfectly embody the sunny vibes of L.A. 

Their retro tracks are perfect for a road trip to the beach and sound like the soundtrack to a coming-of-age movie from the early 1990s. On one of their best tracks “L.S.D,” the band sings that even though it doesn’t know “What I’m doing’s wrong or if it’s right,” “I’m just gonna enjoy the sunshine.” Does it get more L.A. than that?

Last month, the group also dropped the meta music video for their track “Save It For The Weekend” — a perfect follow up to their dynamic 2018 album “My Own Mess.”

I caught up with the laid back rock ‘n’ roll band’s lead singer Ben Reed to talk about their music — and his answers make it clear that they want you to decide whether or not to stan the group.

You guys just got signed to Loma Vista in August — congratulations! What’s that been like so far?

Thanks. Yeah it’s been easy. They are keen to support us in whatever we want to do.

For someone just getting to know Skegss, how would you describe Skegss’ sound?

It’s rock ‘n’ roll I guess, lots of music from the ’60s and ’70s and anything up until now that probably are also influenced by that style.

Talk to me about your newest single “Save it For the Weekend” — the music video is frickin’ dope. What was that like?

It was kind of funny. We tried to make this cowboy video but it turned out terrible. We were horrible cowboys, so we kind of flipped it on its head and watched ourselves on the TV looking like dickheads.

If someone logs onto Spotify to check your music for the first time, what tracks should they listen to first and why?

Shuffle. They can figure it out if they like us.

How was performing at Tropicália? What do y’all like most about Southern California and why?

It was actually epic, the crowds were so fun for an early set. Watched a guy eating a burrito while having a good dance, was epic seeing a few of the Latin bands. They were really sick!

On one of your videos, someone commented: “I just want to be friends with them, they seem so chill.” I watched some of your interviews too and you guys seem like y’all are always just having fun and do seem super chill. How would you describe the group’s dynamic?

Well, we are all pretty different in a few ways. I think that’s why we all bring something to the table. But hanging out-wise, we like the same things like drinking beer, hangin out and eating yummy food, listening to tunes. I think most people enjoy those things.

Some of the lyrics in your tracks are relatable and talk of some tough, personal experiences. On “Up in the Clouds,” you sing: “I might live my whole life not knowing how I’ve survived up until now. And it’s all been worth it, it’s just hard sometimes in the heat of the moment. I can’t see through these eyes at times how the picture really sits.” Talk me through the lyrics.

I’m not sure, you know if it’s relatable to you. I’ll let you decide. 

I love y’all’s merch — who designed it and what’s the concept behind the merch’s designs?

Jack Irvine. He has done all our art since pretty much the start. We give him the songs and he tries to turn them into drawings, make them comical from his perspective. Thanks though. Stoked you like it; he would be too! I’ll let him know.

Lastly, this column is called “You Should Stan.” Why should people stan Skegss?

That’s something they can decide. But we are just doing what we are doing and if anyone wants to listen to our tunes or come to a show then cheers! 

Tomás Mier is a senior writing about up-and-coming artists. He is also the editor-in-chief of the Daily Trojan. His column “You Should Stan” runs every other Friday.