Must-try coffee shops for caffeine-hungry Trojans

Arielle Chen | Daily Trojan

As college students perpetually fueled by caffeine, Starbucks and K-Cups tend to compose an integral part of our hectic routine. In search of energy boosts, we often get stuck in our comfort-zone cup of joe, not having or taking the time to explore other coffee types and flavors. But, as one of my friends recently remarked, coffee is and should be an experience — one shared with other people or even just thoroughly and mindfully enjoyed by oneself. Here are some coffee shop options that will satisfy your taste buds and sleep-deprived soul.


Located near the intersection of Jefferson Boulevard and South Grand Avenue, URBNMRKT is what your local coffee shop thinks it looks like. Its black upholstered chairs and sleek wood tables give it a calm and modern ambience. The spacious coffee shop is a great alternative to the libraries and other study spots available on campus that — let’s be honest — you’re probably bored of. Reminiscent of the quintessential local New York City coffee shop, URBNMRKT offers new and interesting coffee specials each week. Ending Friday is the orange mocha special, while next week offers a lavender latte. 

With Love Market & Cafe

Just a short 10-minute drive from campus, With Love Market & Cafe beckons to passersby with its inviting, fun colors and atmosphere. Founded by a South L.A. native, the coffee shop, restaurant and market hybrid hopes to engage, include and connect with residents of the surrounding area. Their horchata latte, served either hot or cold, is one of their most popular menu items. If you like your coffee with a side of giving back to the community, this is the place for you.

Highly Likely Cafe

Accessible on the L.A. Metro Expo Line, Highly Likely isn’t like the cafes you’re used to. Bright, spacious and ornate, Highly Likely has coffees for every mood, time of day and craving. Choose from a wide array of its stapes, like cappuccinos or cold brews, or dare to adventure into its specials, which currently feature a Tumeriffic latte and OK, Great!, an iced coffee mixed with Mexican Coke. Either way, it’s highly likely you’ll enjoy the drink of your choice.

Philz Coffee

Philz Coffee has some of my favorite beverages and is a personal favorite coffee shop of mine. The chain, which has locations in certain cities across the U.S. including Los Angeles, treats coffee-making like the art it is. The downtown L.A. location on South Hope Street, just like every Philz Coffee, takes care in crafting the perfect coffee, specially tailored to each individual. Choose from light, medium and dark roasts, play around with the sweetness and milk choice to find your ideal drink. If it’s still not right, the barista will fix it for you at the bar, as fast as you originally got it. I recommend the Dancing Water, a lighter blend with aromas of milk chocolate, grains and cashews.