That’s Fashion, Sweetie: I’m (Maybe) a Wizard, Harry: 2022 Trend Predictions

An illustration of six women on a gray background, modeling different predicted trends in fashion for 2022.
(Nora Miller | Daily Trojan)

2021 is over. 


I get excited about the new year because so much can happen — both good and bad — and, while it’s hard to predict what it will be, I’m here to offer my services with my 2022 fashion trend predictions. So sit back and buckle up because I’m here to give you all the details you could ever dream of:

First: accessories galore. 

Before I get into heavy detail, know that when I say accessories, I mean beyond jewelry and into outerwear essentials. For my fellow East Coast-ers (or people that run cold), if you haven’t jumped on the large scarf trend yet, you still have time. Acne Studios exploded this winter with their multicolored giant checkered scarf, and the world has been eating it up. BP. also has a great dupe (with pockets!). You can pick them up at Nordstrom, or, if you want a statement, check out H&M’s neon green chain link scarf. 

Not a scarf person? That’s fine too: balaclavas and opera gloves are also here to snatch up your holiday money. Balaclavas are a great way to keep your head warm and come in varying prints, sizes and fits. On the other hand, opera gloves have also slowly creeped back into our lives after starting their prowl in 2020. Check out Heaven by Marc Jacobs, T Label and Savage x Fenty. 

And, finally, medium to large bags will start to come back. Considering the world just moved past the micro bag trend, emphasized by Jacquemus and his Chiquito bags, and began to re-embrace medium-size bags in 2021, like Prada’s Cleo and Gucci’s iconic Jackie, I believe the end of 2022 and early 2023 will see the return of larger bags. I’m predicting the return of Fendi’s spy bags, even more craze on Hermès’s Birkins and possibly Louis Vuitton’s monogrammed ‘neverfull.’ Better raid mom’s closet now for those scrumptious (and, let’s be honest, more practical) bags!

What about your actual clothes? 

Don’t fret, because your hemlines are prepping for a major makeover. Sleeper’s feather-trimmed hems and Area NYC’s crystal details have done this for a while, but now their credit is starting to roll in. Whether this means adding beading to the ends of your dresses like 90’s Betsy Johnson or playing with necklines like Danielle Guizio did for her most recent collection, prepare to have your clothes announce you before you enter any room. 

On the topic of grand and flashy, big collars are here to stay. Many blouses and button-up shirts are now sold with Harlequin-esque collars. Whether long and pointed or rounded with lace detail, I strongly believe they are here to run their course. If you don’t want to buy a completely new button -up, Ganni and Lisa Says Gah’s large collar accessories are a great way to participate in this trend. 

Ballet-core seems to be getting ready to come to center stage for a little, so hit your local Capezios! There was an enormous surge in leg warmers and fingerless gloves — NOT the “Emily in Paris” kind, don’t even get me started on those — at the end of 2021. I see a lot of emphasis on the minimalistic, effortless type of ballerina, gravitating toward brands like Orseund Iris, Are You Am I and even Skims with its buttery bodysuits. 

Of course, we can’t ignore the environment. 

Fast fashion is still a huge issue, and the effects of global warming are right in front of us. I want to continue to push the mission of thrifting and buying secondhand, but 2022 introduces us to a new way of buying secondhand: upcycling. 

It can mean purchasing old garments and using the fabric to make something new. On a consumer level, many stores have taken extra fabric to create super cool “new” clothes such as Konkrite Market and his reworked Nike hoodies. Another interpretation of upcycling that I believe will take off are clothing rental services; in fact, Burberry recently announced they would participate in “circular fashion” by renting out through their partnership with My Wardrobe HQ.

We can’t discuss trends without colors. 

This year, I’ll have to name the color scheme “Cafe Paris Jewel Tones.” I’m feeling a lot of dark emeralds, bold pinks, rich browns and creamy whites. One I know for sure, though, is Pantone’s 2022 color of the year: Very Peri, a blue-ish-purple blend just a few shades shy of purple, giving the impression of a mature version of lilac.  

I want to be clear — it’s OK to dress the way you want; that’s what makes style and trends different. For the new year, all I really want is for readers to take time to explore their closets. If it goes bad, no one will really remember except for your Snapchat memories and, probably, your roommate. The last two years have been more than the world has bargained for, and you deserve some fun.

Hadyn Phillips is a freshman whose column, “That’s Fashion, Sweetie” focuses on fashion in the 21st century, specifically spotlighting students and popular controversy.