Start your 2022 off on the right page

Collage of all of the covers of the books mentioned in the article. The titles on the top row starting on the left: To Paradise, Game On, At the end of Everything, The Red Palace.
On the bottom row starting from the left: Cherish Farah, The Lost Dreamer, You should have seen this coming, Book of Night.
Sage Wheeler | Daily Trojan

“To Paradise” by Hanya Yanagihara — January 11, 2022

1893. 1993. 2093. “To Paradise” explores family, love and loss through the intertwined stories of three characters who live in disparate centuries of an alternate America. The plot weaves between a young heir seeking what lies beyond social conventions to a gay man hiding his unsettled past and a woman who strives to unveil the truth about her husband in a dystopian, futuristic era. All three stories mirror themes of love and fear — among other deeply human qualities — that enhance the depth of each character’s life and story. Тhis novel, packed with emotion and depth divulges the false promises of utopia and expands the discourse on true freedom and the human condition in a different America. 

“Game On” by Gloria Chao and edited by Laura Silverman — January 18, 2022

Miss playing games from sunup to sundown during winter break? This anthology will alleviate withdrawals. “Game On” contains 15 stories about all kinds of contests — video games, card games, party games, sports, etc. “Game On” expresses the nuances of games with all their delights and ambitions through narratives of winning and losing competitions and the memorable moments and relationships that enrich their significance. 

“At the End of Everything” by Marieke Nijkamp — January 25, 2022

This novel is particularly timely: Nijkamp’s “At the End of Everything” sees a group of teenagers abandoned at a juvenile detention center while a disease rapidly spreads outside. Told through three points of view, the novel shows the main characters fending for themselves and deciding their next actions as supplies decrease, and the virus creeps closer. “At the End of Everything” speaks to the illusion of control and mercilessness of change in the face of an unpredictable enemy.

“The Red Palace” by June Hur — January 25, 2022

For fans of historical or mystery fiction — or both — “The Red Palace” is set in the Joseon kingdom of Korea, where the protagonist, Hyeon, works as a  nurse in a palace, where four women are murdered. When her teacher is suspected as the perpetrator, Hyeon investigates with a young police inspector, only to realize that the real murderer is hidden behind the bloodstained secrets of the royal family. 

“Cherish Farrah” by Bethany C. Morrow — February 8, 2022

Loved the movies “Get Out” and “Parasite”? “Cherish Farrah” follows Farrah, one of only two Black girls in her community. When Farrah’s family is hit with a housing foreclosure, she works her way to stay with her best friend, Cherish Whitman, the only other Black girl in their town — who was adopted by a white, wealthy family. As Farrah continues to insert herself deeper into her best friend’s family, the chilling, coincidental occurrences in the Whitman household and the family’s warm invitations raise questions of manipulation. 

“The Lost Dreamer” by Lizz Huerta — March 1, 2022

This novel has it all; an ancient world brought to life, supernatural abilities and girl power. “The Lost Dreamer” is set in Mesoamerica, where two seers, Indir and Saya, are targeted for their gifts. Against a kingdom hunting for them, with few to trust and secrets that could uproot the world, the two must risk venturing into unknown territories to save their home.

“You Should Have Seen This Coming” by Shani Michelle — April 12, 2022

A heart-pounding thriller, “You Should Have Seen This Coming” will have readers holding their breath with anticipation. Hayden is a high schooler with the ability to see the past through the owners of objects, while her classmate Cassie is able to see the future. When a blackmail deal fails despite warnings, leading to Cassie’s capture, Hayden must use her gift to save her classmate before it’s too late.

“Book of Night” by Holly Black — May 3, 2022

The #1 New York Times Bestselling author of “The Cruel Prince” series is back with her adult novel debut, “Book of Night.” Wrought with cruel twists, the story follows Charlie Hall; a young woman determined to step away from her life as a con artist in a world where shadows — peoples’ minds and memories — can be manipulated. Though Charlie believes she’s done with her past, it’s not done with her. She’s dragged back into a knife-sharp competition of corruption and a mess of secrets when an ominous person from her past returns.