Comic Relief: Living My Truth

The Lonely Island group in an interview.
Photo by UPROXX Studios 
‘The Lonely Island’ comedy trio of Jorma Taccone, Andy Samberg and Akiva Schaffer found a following on Saturday Night Live. 

My catchphrase for the month is “I’m living my truth.” Didn’t get out of bed until noon? I was simply living my truth. Tipped 15% on the Girl Scout cookies that already cost $6 a box? Living my truth. Watching TikTok reality shifters until 3 a.m.? Living. My. Truth. 

Therefore, it’s only fair that I do the same with my column. 

As I have shown multiple times within the Arts & Entertainment section, I have impeccable taste. Especially on display in the section are my comedy opinions, which are non-stop hits. However, what remains hidden is my perfect music taste. Truly, my playlists amaze me. Creating a playlist solely composed of Green Day, Ice Spice and Marissa Nadler is an innovation unlike any I’ve ever seen. 

With such incredible taste in both comedy and music, what would happen if I combined my two interests? Well … it would be embarrassing. With artists producing and releasing visionary music daily, who would actually choose to listen to Fred Armisen sing off-key? 

Well, I guess we have come to the point where I live my truth. Sometimes in life, you simply need to stream “Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping” by The Lonely Island. Ultimately, Taylor Swift could never have the same impact on my life as “Finest Girl (Bin Laden Song).” If the song isn’t a diss track of the Mona Lisa calling her a “basic bitch”, then I simply don’t want it.

Although, I must say that my confession comes with a caveat: My love of certain comedic songs should not be misconstrued. For every good comedy song, there are about 10 rancid ones. For example, you will never catch me listening to a parody song. The fact that someone may think that of me is honestly insulting. 

I’m sure there must be some talented parodists out there. In fact, I know there are. Nathan Fielder’s fiery subversion of Eminem’s “Not Afraid” boldly titled “Grab My Balls” was an instant classic. Truly a master of the craft, Fielder almost makes me forgive the world of parody.   

However, the terror of 2010 YouTube parodies halts any progress Fielder made. Honestly, I was too scared to click on either of their videos, but I still know the damaging impact of Bart Baker’s and Shane Dawson’s vilely racist, misogynistic parodies. Really, their songs should not be considered comedy, but I still feel the need to condemn their actions. Thankfully, impressionable middle school children are now free from the grasp of those men. 

With the comedic music that I do like, I am not trying to claim this music as a masterful piece of lyricism and melody. I am well aware that there are “better” bodies of work to listen to than the cast of the “Documentary Now!” musical “Co-Op,” but something about the ridiculousness soothes my ever-anxious mind. 

In life, I either take things way too seriously or cannot muster up enough energy to give my full effort. I am either a high-strung nightmare or so relaxed it’s annoying. The Lonely Island’s music is a sort of middle ground I’ve never been able to achieve. 

The talent of Andy Samberg, Akiva Schaffer and Jorma Taccone cannot be undersold. Their ability to churn out non-stop comedic bops is an incredible feat few could even dream to achieve. 

But, at the end of the day, their work is silly — and that is the wonderful point. The group has seen incredible — and deserved — success from their discography. But, it’s truly never been that serious because they’ve never tried to make it that serious. Listening to their music, I can just have a laugh and bop. There’s really nothing more to it. In my life, I need more of that. I don’t always need to be obsessive. I can enjoy The Lonely Island’s music and move on. 

Too much pressure is put on music taste, and I am also guilty of this. As a society, we will never be free from the clutches of the “who’s your favorite artist?” small-talk question. My answer changes based on what type of annoying I am willing to portray for the day. Am I the basic-but-loveable Taylor Swift girl? Am I the moody-never-grew-out-of-middle-school-emo-phase Jeff Rosenstock girl? Am I the incredibly-cool-possible-red-flag Fiona Apple girl?

I won’t attempt to understate the cultural importance of Spotify Wrapped day. I am well aware that the prospect of “The Blue Jean Committee” from “Documentary Now!” being your top artist on Spotify Wrapped is daunting. And sure, the possibility of a TikTok vulture catching you listening to “Dick in a Box” rather than “Paper Bag” is nightmare-inducing. Maintaining a mysteriously indie image is difficult. But if you really think about it, nothing is more underground indie than “Catalina Breeze.” 

Ultimately, not everyone will be able to truly understand the nuances of “Gentle and soft / Smooth and easy”, so just listen to what makes you happy and live your truth. 

Although, realizing my name will forever be attached to the confession outlined in this column may mark the end of my “living my truth” era. 

Kimberly Aguirre is a sophomore writing about comedy. Her column, “Comic Relief,” runs every other Thursday. She is also the arts & entertainment editor at the Daily Trojan.