A conversation on ‘the inhumanity of immigration policy’ with Heydy Vasquez

This week on the first ever episode of “The Soapbox,” hosts Fabian Gutierrez and Macarthy Mahoney speak with opinion staff writer Heydy Vasquez on her article “The inhumanity of immigration policy”.
This episode was hosted by Fabian Gutierrez and Macarthy Mahoney. Edited by Auburn D’Artell. Produced by Alexa Avila, Kate McQuarrie, Grace Ingram and Jonathan Park. Based on the article by Heydy Vasquez. Art by Melanie Guevara. “The Soapbox” is one of four podcasts on the Daily Trojan podcast network. You can find more episodes anywhere you listen to podcasts, as well as our website, Visit the episode description for our links and more information.
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