A “Guts” deep dive, unreleased music and the Jungle concert

This week on Rhythm and News, we are discussing all things music. Our hosts dive into unreleased music, Olivia Rodrigo’s new album and the recent Jungle concert.

This episode was hosted by Amrita Sundaresan, Chris Turino, Fitz Cain, Reagan Mading, Fabián Gutiérrez, and Caitlin Roehmholdt. Written by Auburn D’Artell, Amrita Sandaresen, Fabián Gutiérrez, Caitlin Roehmholdt. Edited by Alison Mitchell and Abby Park. Produced by Grace Ingram, Aubrie Cole, Alia Yee Noll and Jonathan Park. Rhythm and News is one of four shows on the Daily Trojan podcast network.
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