Between Friends finishes tour at the Fonda Theatre

The pair rounded off their “I Love My Girl, She’s My Boy” tour with a powerful crowd.

Brandon and Savannah Hudson, the brother-sister pair from Los Angeles known as “Between Friends,” jump-started their musical careers as quarterfinalists of “America’s Got Talent” in 2013. (Jason Pham / Daily Trojan)

Ending its month-long debut tour in its hometown of Los Angeles, the indie rock music group Between Friends fostered an energized and hyped crowd Friday night at the Fonda Theatre.

Between Friends, composed of siblings Brandon and Savannah Hudson, “make music in our bedrooms for you to listen to in yours,” according to its Spotify. The duo has released a string of singles, EPs and albums since 2017, though its first tour is for its most recent album “I Love My Girl, She’s My Boy.” With a strong guitar and techno-synth beat, the two cultivate a dreamy indie rock experience similar to a band performing out of its garage.

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The concert line wrapped around the block with attendees waiting in anticipation — though not for long, as the doors swung open 10 minutes early at 8:20 p.m. Everyone funneled into the venue quickly and drinks were flowing throughout, but the DJ booth had technical difficulties and had little pre-show music. Many fans beelined for the merch, with the long line snaking up toward the second floor.

Once the lights dimmed and the curtain was raised, “Baby Come Back” by Player blared through the speakers before the duo made its grand entrance.

Starting off the concert with strong guitar chords and a powerful performance of “Stalker” from “I Love My Girl, She’s My Boy,” Between Friends instantly vitalized the crowd and had everyone jumping and screaming from excitement. Loud techno beats and synthesizers shook the Fonda floors, though no one seemed to care or notice.

The stage — low to the ground and decorated with “I Love My Girl, She’s My Boy” painted in red on a white sheet — felt intimate, replicating a garage concert vibe.

The show continued with some hit songs from previous albums that had yet to be performed live until this tour. Tunes like “iloveyou” and “orange juice” from previous albums and EPs were enjoyed by many, with lustful lyrics and romantic metaphors.

Between Friends’ discography and lyrics are diverse yet cohesive, delving into dreams of romance and the realities of feeling loss while maintaining a comforting indie rock style. The group would smoothly transition from slower songs of self-discovery like “tall” to headbangers from their new album like “Smiley.” Its music is meant to be enjoyed alone in a bedroom or partying in a crowd — with no in-between.

Within its L.A. performance, the duo incorporated interludes and sound effects heard throughout the “I Love My Girl, She’s My Boy” album, aiding in transitions between songs and adding a cohesive feel to the concert. The show also incorporated a large amount of different-colored, flashing lights — which, in combination with the TV static sound effects, may have been an overwhelming experience for some. Strobe light warning labels were also pasted throughout the venue.

“We dreamed of playing at this venue since we were 10 years old,” Savannah Hudson said toward the end of the concert. “You are so beautiful, you are so loved. Thank you for being here.”

Brandon and Savannah Hudson’s fame stretches back to 2013, when the duo reached the quarterfinals of “America’s Got Talent” as a music group. After elimination, the siblings eventually formed Between Friends, cultivating techno, bedroom pop music described as a “therapy session” by the duo. Their music emulates childlike nostalgia along with mixtapes and lasers to create a playful synth experience.

“We started Between Friends at our mom and dad’s backhouse a couple years ago, so this is really cool,” Brandon Hudson said, following his sister’s message. “Thanks for caring about us. We really care about you, too.”

The Hudsons’ stage energy was infectious, as the pair was consistently jumping and moving onstage, which motivated fans to do the same. Throughout the concert, the duo encouraged and allowed for multiple audience-led sing-alongs, creating the feeling of a united community.

Among the sold-out shows across the nation, the L.A. performance had the most star-studded audience and guest performances for the group. Besides the group’s consistent opener for the tour, Blaketheman1000, Between Friends also had artist EDEN as a guest performer, singing their collaboration song “Bb.” Artist Conan Gray was also spotted in the crowd and took pictures with fans, according to an X post.

Between Friends closed out its concert and final stop of the “I Love My Girl, She’s My Boy” tour with an audience-led rendition of “affection,” the duo’s most streamed song that went viral on TikTok in 2018. The pair appeared teary-eyed at the closing of its Fonda concert, embracing its fellow musicians on stage.

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