Talkin’ Troy

Rivalry Week Special!

Hosts Kasey Kazliner and Marcus Partida discuss this year’s edition of the Crosstown Showdown between USC and UCLA, then dive into their favorite CFB rivalries. Lastly, they’re joined by Anjali Patel, the coach of the Daily Trojan as the paper prepares to take on its rival, the Daily Bruin, in a friendly flag football game known as the Blood Bowl.

This episode was hosted by Kasey Kazliner and Marcus Partida. Scripted by Marcus Partida and Kasey Kazliner. Edited by Darren Parry. Produced by Thomas Johnson and Jonathan Park. Talkin’ Troy is one of four episodes on the Daily Trojan podcast network. You can find more episodes anywhere you listen to podcasts, as well as our website,
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