Travis Scott ‘FE!N’s for college student clout

The rapper and producer visited the USC Bookstore on Thursday to promote his new clothing line.


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Wednesday night at the USC Bookstore, students camped out and got ready for a rough night’s rest with air mattresses, blankets and copies of the Daily Trojan in anticipation of Travis Scott’s arrival. 

“I was the first person here, and I got here at 8:45 [p.m.], and we’re waiting outside the bookstore for Travis [Scott] tomorrow at 3,” said Grey Dougherty, a freshman majoring in political science. “It’s really exciting that he is giving the opportunity to come to our school.” 

The rapper and producer came to campus Thursday at 3 p.m. to celebrate the launch of his apparel brand, Cactus Jack’s Jack Goes Back to School collection. 

Scott came to USC after visiting The University of Texas at Austin last night with the same intention. Students were following the events in Texas to try and understand what Scott was going to do at USC. 

“I really, really hope that he performs something. I don’t think he will. I was talking to my friend, she goes to UT Austin, I was trying to get an inside scoop with her,” said Lynden McCarroll, a sophomore majoring in American popular culture. “I was at the bookstore earlier today and I saw a DJ booth, and I think he might do something.”

Scott did not perform.

Nineteen hours after Dougherty started his campout, the section of Childs Way outside of the USC Bookstore was closed off to all traffic, and the entire area was swarming with the Department of Public Safety, Los Angeles Police Department and L.A. Fire Department. The line snaked through Associates Park, around the Physical Education Building and continued to the back of Bing Theatre.

“It is insane, it is crazy — but having seen what Travis Scott fans are capable of, I am not surprised,” said Lame Wadipeba, a sophomore majoring in economics as well as mathematics. “It’s pretty cool to see these things happen at USC … gives us something to look forward to.”

As fans flooded into the decorated and newly stocked bookstore, students’ excitement continued to build.

“Travis Scott’s got an immense aura,” McCarroll said. “I skipped class for this; you know, there’s only one day, ever, that this is going to happen.”

The shelves of merchandise quickly depleted as attendees snatched the new merch including $58 hats, $68 T-shirts and more.

Scott arrived and gave interviews to press before walking out to the main register floor. The moment he stepped out onto the floor was followed by pandemonium. Every student desperately attempted to reach Scott at once, the media clamoring for his attention as well. LAPD and DPS quickly intervened to push back crowds from Scott.

The artist interacted with as many students as possible, taking selfies and signing everything including shoes, clothing and even an iPad. Joining Scott in the bookstore were Michael Rubin, the CEO of Fanatics; Isaiah Collier, a freshman guard on the men’s basketball team; and JuJu Watkins, a freshman guard on the women’s basketball team.

Scott wandered outside to the hordes of fans, before going inside, outside and inside, once again. Fans swarmed Scott while various law enforcement officers in attendance did everything they could to keep people back.

“He should have learned his lesson the first time, but apparently not,” said Dani Jackel, a content creator with Barstool Sports, referencing the Astroworld Festival crowd crush in 2021. “But I think that it’s a cool opportunity. Only USC would do this … I personally don’t really give a shit about him, necessarily. I mean, I like his music, but I think it’s hilarious that people are so excited over something like this.”

Scott walked back into the bookstore, going directly to the back door where he got in his car amid another swarm of students. The queue was left to funnel into the bookstore as they attempted to get the last bits of merch available, and while Scott’s time at USC was over, the bookstore employees’ day was far from over. Meanwhile, other students posted to Instagram, found out they got the wrong sizes and went back to blasting “FE!N” on their speakers.


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