With fall behind us, let’s spring forward

My favorite time to be at USC — and in Los Angeles — is the spring. With the whole of spring semester 2015 upon us, it’s interesting to see how our fellow Trojans experience the season commonly associated with rebirth, flowers, baby animals and cleaning. At USC, it’s more common to associate spring with crop-tops, […]

Best student clubs for fitness this semester

The start of a new year brings resolutions of a fresh start — the desire to lead a healthier life, be mentally tough and maybe sleep a little more than you did the previous year. Sound familiar? Setting realistic goals is difficult to do, especially living in a generation like ours where we are so […]

Four things to keep in mind when you’re having a bad day

Even with the sun shining and the weather reads 75 degrees here in Southern California, the perfect day is not always around. For those inevitable lows of our life remember these pieces of advice and find solace in some relaxing places at USC. Chances are the lows of a bad day that you experienced will […]

What does your major say about you?

Film Most likely, seeing Pulp Fiction as a fetus accounts for your precocity and is probably what made you want to major in film at age four. This is something a film student would never admit because it clashes the edgy, filmmaker archetype devised by none other than the filmmaker his or herself. As a […]