Court in Session

Jake Mequet

Jake Mequet is a junior writing about sports and law. His column, “Court in Session,” typically runs every other Monday.

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Court in Session: Top recruits are starting to spurn the NCAA, and that might be a good thing
If more high-profile prospects spurn the NCAA, college basketball might just return back to what made the league so great in the first place.

Court in Session: Pay cuts at college athletic departments reveal that the only things immune to the coronavirus are head coaches’ salaries
The economic upheaval ahead will likely upend college athletic departments around the country. Let’s hope that football and basketball coaches’ outsized salaries are the primary casualties.

Court in Session: The NFL’s new CBA prioritizes profit over players’ well-being
NFL owners have decided to seek short-term profit at the expense of their players’ permanent health and the sport’s long-term success.

Court in Session: The FBI is not helping correct college sports’ twisted rules
The bribery scandal sent shockwaves through the college basketball world, implicating 22 programs in total and resulting in the arrests of assistant coaches from USC, Auburn, Oklahoma State and Alabama.

Court in Session: States should support sports betting rules universally
Twenty states and counting have legalized sports gambling in some form since the Murphy ruling less than two years ago.

Court in Session: USC should embrace student-athlete pay
2020 will likely prove to be a pivotal year for the future of the NCAA, with over two dozen state legislatures currently deliberating similar laws.