DT & InDesign Training

First of all, welcome to Daily Trojan!

Hopefully, you were able to attend our training session, and we’ve already met. If not, I’m Scott, and I am posting this page as a one-stop resource shop for Tech and InDesign training materials.

Right now, I have a few items that you can browse that may help you to become better acquainted with InDesign over the holiday break.

Getting Started with InDesign Reference Guide

The first item is a basic reference manual for InDesign CS6 (the version we are currently using at the Daily Trojan). It’s geared toward yearbook production, so pay no attention to the yearbook-specific items, like how to create new pages. It does give you a good sense of how to use some of the more specialized tools available in InDesign, though.

The guide is available for download as a PDF by clicking this link.

Video Tutorial

Next, this video gives you the basics of using InDesign for layout and design at the Daily Trojan. Unfortunately, the video is from a few years ago, and shows InDesign CS5. Luckily, nearly everything is still the same today. The only major differences in CS6 are simply in the look of panels and tools, and how the file system beyond InDesign looks.

The video below should automatically jump to 15 minutes, 30 seconds in, which will skip the information on how to fill out a log-on form and how to get onto the Daily Trojan computers, most of which is outdated. (Sorry for the autoplay — Vimeo is still ironing that out with the ‘jump to a time’ feature)

It is viewable in full-screen on capable devices, and you should definitely turn on HD viewing, if it isn’t on automatically (otherwise, the text is too blurry to read well). It is also viewable on mobile devices.

Start at 15:30 (sorry for the autoplay — Vimeo is still ironing that out with the ‘jump to a time’ feature)


I am always available for questions via tech@dailytrojan.com if you run into problems.

We also plan to schedule another in-person InDesign session early in the semester.

Have a Great Break!