Jessica He

Jessica He is a senior writing about neuroscience. Her column, “Gray Matter,” typically ran every other Wednesday.

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Gray Matter: Human psychology makes social distancing a challenge
Many people, especially low-income individuals and essential workers, do not have the option of social distancing. But for those who do and choose not to, the continued dismissal of quarantine policies has been both baffling and frustrating to workers at the frontline battling the pandemic.

Gray Matter: It’s critical to assess impostor syndrome on college campuses
Today, impostor syndrome is known to be prevalent among a broad population regardless of gender.

Gray Matter: Gender bias in neuroscience has repercussions for feminism
The interplay between gender bias in medicine and sex-difference research is a harmful one, in which ostensible neurological evidence of gendered behavior gives scientists and doctors a basis to justify discriminatory practices, even if those biases manifest subconsciously.

Gray Matter: Here’s how you can study smarter according to science
These research-backed study strategies will let you learn more information in less time.

Gray Matter: It’s vital to understand grief, support those mourning
In reality, there are many differences in the ways people grieve the loss of loved ones.

Gray Matter: Neuroscience reveals why abuse victims can’t just walk away
Abuse can occur in emotional, verbal or financial forms, and anyone could be a victim, regardless of gender.

Gray Matter: Using neuroscience to bridge the political divide
To overcome group polarization, we must engage in meaningful political discourse with people who have differing views instead of jumping to attack the other side or blocking them from our information feeds entirely.

Gray Matter: Lecture halls are not conducive to student success
Lecture halls are barriers to learning that reveal underlying problems with lecture-style classes are taught.

Gray Matter: Age should be a considered factor in the presidential election
With several septuagenarian presidential front-runners, voters should consider the implications of age-related impairment of executive functioning.

Gray Matter: Drug addiction must be combated with science-driven policy
The neurological basis of addiction offers insight on why incarceration is not an effective means of treatment.

Gray Matter: Neuroscience offers insight on institutionalized racism
Today, police brutality is a leading cause of death for Black men.