Holding Center

Dillon Cranston

Dillon Cranston is a sophomore writing about politics. His column, “Holding Center,” typically runs every other Wednesday.

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Holding Center: The coronavirus is creating a kleptocracy
Bailouts have gone to large corporations instead of prioritizing the needs of struggling American families.

Holding Center: The United States is heading left
Consider the major cultural shifts of the past two decades: How many of them were conservative victories? From gay marriage to abortion, even the expanding welfare state –– liberalism is slowly winning out.

Holding Center: COVID-19 reveals holes in political system
The virus has illuminated all the ways in which our institutions are broken.

Holding Center: Assessing the Donald Trump-Bernie Sanders comparison
While Sanders and Trump are wildly opposite in terms of approach, the two share a similar pathos.

Holding Center: There is a need for immigrants in the United States
Bailouts have gone to large corporations instead of prioritizing the neAll I can say is that American culture is tied to our multiculturalism, a history of accepting foreign aspirants to the fabled American dream.

Holding Center: A seat in public office should not be for purchase
While money and politics may never be completely separated, the cash supremacy in elections devalues their democratic ideals.

Holding Center: There is a middle-ground on abortion rights
Abortion is morally difficult, which is why the issue hasn’t found a resolution in the past 50 years.

Holding Center: Facebook’s disinformation policy is not wrong
This muddying of the water prevents fact from prevailing over fiction in elections, the impeachment process and the public eye. The problem clearly needs to be addressed, but the best solution is not so clear.

Holding Center: Progressivism is not better than conservatism
Without a healthy clash of ideology, the state has only one voice and one direction — not necessarily the right ones.

Holding Center: Joaquin Phoenix is the ‘Joker’ for our cultural moment
There is something different about “Joker” that puts audiences and critics at unease with its treatment and portrayal of the protagonist.

Holding Center: The sports-like culture of politics is problematic
Instead of focusing our attention on what the candidates might accomplish with the position, we are determining whether or not they can win it.

Holding Center: Could President Trump actually win again?
The principles of democracy and liberty are what we’re still proud to pursue and whether Trump wins or loses, these will be sure to prevail.

Holding Center: Democrats should give up on impeaching Trump
If those who support impeachment truly believe that Trump’s actions are damning, then they should place their trust in the candidates and in the American people to decide.

Holding Center: Environmental issues cannot be partisan
A better approach is to consider what kind of policy could achieve the bipartisan support of days past.

Holding Center: Rural America’s issues cannot be forgotten in 2020 election
With the 2020 presidential elections in sight, many have reflected on the different communities that have voted in past elections, as well as the ideas that motivate them to do so.

Holding Center: Skepticism and awareness are necessary to navigate the ‘post-truth’ era
As tempting as it is to blame this trend on the president’s disregard for truth, Trump is but a sign of the times.

Holding Center: Gov. Northam shouldn’t resign over blackface
In early January, a photo of Gov. Ralph Northam wearing a bright smile and blackface surfaced on the internet.

Holding Center: Political division is necessary for understanding all sides
The bipartisan system is, by its very nature, a competition.