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Click here to order your 2008 El Rodeo Yearbook and get your free poster!

The football season is in full-swing, but is your bedroom in full

Trojan regalia? In can be, when you order your 2008 El Rodeo

Yearbook during the month of November. For everyone who

orders a yearbook this month, you’ll get the official USC

Traveler poster — FREE! That’s a $27.95 value when you pay

just $40 for your yearbook!

Here’s how to get your free poster: Just go to

www.uscelrodeo.com and order your yearbook any time in

November. When you do, print out your receipt and bring it to

Student Union 404 any weekday from 9 a.m. to noon or 1 to 5

p.m. You’ll get your free Traveler poster on the spot.

Remember, the El Rodeo yearbook is not part of any ticket

packages this year, so you must order it by December 2007 to

guarantee that you will get one. The free poster is our way of

saying thanks for ordering El Rodeo, USC’s official record of

history and tradition. And with a great new poster to hang up,

your bedroom will thank you, too.

Dining Guide

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