FYF Fest excites with captivating lineup

Besides the view of barren wasteland, dying grass and dusty fields, there's a strange feeling walking into Los Angeles' FYF Fest. Amongst the clusters of tents, giant sunglasses and the four stages are thousands of Los Angelenos. FYF is a cultural homogenization of everything that is trendy, “in” and L.A. Cue the girls in short floral dresses and high top lace up shoes, the guys with pompadour haircuts and 70s mustaches. When everyone cool, hip and different is packed into one venue – what does that make everyone? The same.

The best of “the best music of 2011”

With the New Year finally here, we pause a moment to bid 2011 farewell. From music industry megaliths like Pitchfork and NME to rinky-dink bloggers beaming tomes of their beautiful enthusiasm out of Mom’s basement directly at no one in particular, seemingly everybody has been counting down the cream of last year’s musical crop. Now […]