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USC playing unfamiliar role in BCS title hunt

It’s safe to say that, at this point in the season No. 18 USC was expected to be a major player in the Bowl Championship Series national championship race. And guess what? They are, still. Not in the way people expected the Trojans to be, though. Not an undefeated team on a collision course with […]

Chip Kelly might be Pac-12’s best coach

For those of you who can’t get enough of Lane Kiffin, another cantankerous coach sporting a visor will occupy a Coliseum sideline this Saturday: Oregon’s Chip Kelly. Of course these days, the visor and surly personality might be the only similarities these two share. To say Kelly came out of nowhere is a bit generous. […]

This time, USC exhibits composure

For about four minutes last Thursday night, the then-No. 13 Trojans looked like they were in trouble. They turned the ball over twice in their first two possessions, leading to a pair of Utah touchdowns. With 12:15 left in the first quarter, USC was already down 14-0. Was USC coach Lane Kiffin going to be […]

College football playoff is imminent

Let’s get this out of the way: We’re going to see a playoff in college football. Not this year or even next year, granted. But at some point in the future — and it’s not all that far off — we’re going to see it. Since January, Bowl Championship Series leaders have been discussing the […]